Is America officially a nation of sheep?

Is America officially a nation of sheep?

No, but a recent YouGov poll does prove that about half of us are.  It showed that Democrats are both more fearful than the rest of us of COVID and more authoritarian when it comes to mandating vaccines for those who have chosen not to submit to the jab, the "Fauci ouchy," as Michael Knowles calls it.  So one can conclude that Democrats are indeed more sheeplike.

The Democrat party was not always scaredy-cats, motivated by fear and a will toward authoritarianism.  JFK would not have cowered in fear of a virus, nor would he have so egregiously exaggerated its seriousness.  Nor would have countless other Democrats of the past.

The radicalization of the party began in earnest under Obama who was a communist at heart.  It was Obama who turned our DOJ, FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF, and CIA into surveillance agencies tasked with ferreting out political opposition anywhere it might be found.  When Trump won in 2016, those agencies all doubled down on their now well-practiced Stalinist tactics.

The denizens of the Obama administration are well represented within the pathetic Biden team, albeit behind the scenes.  Just who is calling the shots is anyone's guess, but whoever they are, they have very poor judgment, as does every single member of the Biden Cabinet.  Granholm for Energy!  Buttigieg for Transportation!  Jake Sullivan for National Security!  Garland as A.G.!  Every one of them is a disaster, clueless to the point of being dangerous.

Most dangerous of all, however, is the Democrats' taste for tyranny over the American people.  Anyone paying attention knows that Biden and his cabal of ideological schemers are gleefully looking forward to shutting down more small businesses, mandating more restrictions on our daily lives and the lives of the nation's children.

The madwoman of N.Y., Gov. Hochul, has mandated masks for two-year-olds.  She has clearly forgotten everything she ever knew about toddlers, including how to keep them healthy.  Gov. Newsom of CA is cut from the same cloth.  They, like the rest of the blue-state governors and mayors (like Muriel Bowser of D.C.), are drunk with their newfound power over others.

They are sheep of a different color — the red of communism.  They are the sheepherders.  They enjoy their power too much.  They stick together even in the face of veritable volumes of actual science that proves the vaccines are dangerous. They have killed or damaged hundreds of thousands.  Surely, they all know this but they continue to insist we must be forced to submit.

Either they submitted themselves and regret it or they have not (members of Congress are exempt from the mandate) and do not care that the clot shots are catastrophically dangerous for far too many — young athletes, for example.  The Fauci fascists know all about this, too, but continue to support vaccine mandates.

Can one conclude then that they have a gene for genocide?  Bill Gates just might; he's been enthralled by population reduction for decades.  A case has been filed with the International Criminal Court charging Gates, Fauci, and Peter Daszak with genocide.

There are volumes of material by physicians, virologists, and epidemiologists that advise against vaccinating children, yet parents are willingly giving their youngsters over to the jabbers.  Healthy children are at no risk of dying from COVID; there is no reason for them to be vaxxed.  And yet, show those parents the dire warnings from those actual experts (Fauci has not seen a patient in forty years), and they will still go with the absurd, flip-flopping, hypocritical advice of Fauci, Walensky, and the Big Pharma–paid mouthpieces on CNN and MSNBC, ABC, and CBS.

The bottom line is that no one, least of all Fauci or Biden, knows what the long-term consequences of these wholly experimental vaccines will be.  The real experts — Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, the signers of the Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Malone's Unity Project, to name a few — have risked their careers to tell the truth.  Their warnings have been suppressed and their social media canceled.

Contrary to what Biden and the CDC have asserted, the vaccines do not stop transmission of COVID, but the mainstream media at first denied this fact, then soft-pedaled it; they are financially dependent on Big Pharma's ad revenue.  And now it seems that those who have sheeplike been vaxxed and boosted are more in danger of getting COVID and/or the cold they are calling omicron (an anagram for "moronic").  The pandemic is now one of the vaccinated.

What has been done to the American people, the Canadian people, the Australian people, the Austrian people, the German people, the French people, etc. is the most horrific globalist crime against humanity ever perpetrated on formerly free people in the history of the formerly civilized world.  All part of the Great Reset plan?  Perhaps. 

But how do we explain the multi-millions of people who have accepted this fate — lockdowns, masks, and vaccines — so willingly?  How have so many millions surrendered to the fear ginned up 24/7 by our deplorable media?  The Americans who won the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or WWII would not recognize the Americans who today bought into the lockdowns, masked up to walk their dogs, lined up to be jabbed with an experimental vaccine and now, as if members of a cult, are turning their young children over to the same madmen who conspired to take over the world.  Their minds have been manipulated and they have succumbed to mass hysteria.  What a shame. 

"The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective." 

—Aldous Huxley, Brave New World / Brave New World Revisited

Photo credit: Die Dritte Marie, Pixabay license.

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