The left's resistance to ivermectin is shameful

Ivermectin is a drug so beneficial to humankind that its inventor won the Nobel Prize.  It's so safe that the CDC recommends that most refugees entering the U.S. from countries with common parasitical infections be given it prophylactically.  Medical trials and empirical experiments strongly indicate that, when it's given early after a COVID diagnosis, people quickly recover.  However, Democrats, in health care, the media, and in government, are determined to ensure that no Americans have access to it.

[Please note: I am not a physician.  My ideas about ivermectin are formed from reading the same information available to everyone.  I also know that all drugs can be dangerous if abused.  Do not take medical advice from me.]

One of the main barriers to ivermectin is that hospitals refuse to give it to patients, preferring to see them die rather than take a commonly used, safe, Nobel Prize–winning drug that could save their lives.  In November, in Florida, a woman died after her husband tried, but failed, to get her doctors to treat her with the drug.

Just the other day, in Pennsylvania, a woman finally got a court order that her husband be treated with the drug, but, by then, he'd been in the hospital for three weeks in a medically induced coma, and it was too late.  (I did mention, didn't I, that the drug is best given as soon as possible after infection?)

There was a different outcome in Illinois.  A man desperately ill with COVID had a miraculous recovery after a court ordered the hospital he was in to give him ivermectin.

In Virginia, a court just held a hospital in contempt — with potential fines of $10,000 per day — for refusing to give a woman ivermectin.  (The Daily Wire has a detailed write-up of the family's ordeal.)

These hospitals' conduct reminds me of a story a doctor told me some twenty years ago: he was in Colorado and found himself talking to an oncology nurse.  She earnestly assured him that her hospital never gave narcotic pain relievers to patients in the terminal phases of cancer — many with just days to live — lest they "become addicted."  Just because people work in health care, that does not necessarily mean they are either intelligent or humane.

We're currently facing a situation in which patients are willing to assume the risk of a drug that's known to be safe when prescribed to treat both animals and humans for the types of parasites that used to destroy lives around the globe.  Moreover, many of these patients are not responding to other treatments.

Image: Ivermectin mechanism in action.  Public domain.

And yet hospitals absolutely refuse to allow patients to use that drug.  If hospitals and doctors are afraid of being sued, all they have to do is have patients sign a document acknowledging that they know that the treatment is experimental and will hold the hospital harmless if something goes wrong.  In addition, both doctor and patient can turn to 2018's Right to Try law, which allows terminal patients to demand experimental treatments.

Given those facts, one suspects that the reason hospitals fight ivermectin tooth and nail is that they don't want a cure.  COVID patients are profit centers in an economically unstable world.  It's obviously better to have them in the ICU for three weeks, even if they subsequently die, than to send them home in good health after a short stay.  Pardon my cynicism, but logic drives me in this direction.

The hospitals have help from the drive-by media, the members of which insistently call this tried-and-true treatment for humans a "horse dewormer."  They also have help from state medical establishments that are trying to revoke the licenses (i.e., destroy the livelihoods) of doctors who prescribe ivermectin for COVID.  The justification is that handy-dandy leftist fallback of "misinformation" (never mind that every bit of "misinformation" has proved to be accurate information).

Now there's also a piece of evidence suggesting that the FDA is working with the Post Office to block those people who, frustrated by their inability to obtain the drug from the American medical establishment, have ordered ivermectin from overseas pharmacies:

If you can't read the small print, the justification for seizing the ivermectin is that "the article has been determined to lack adequate directions for use."  Uh-huh.  And how did the FDA and the Post Office know what directions were in a sealed package?

Our government is doing nothing to stop a veritable flood of deadly, illegal drugs from flowing across our illegally open southern border, but the FDA and the USPS have the investigative and police skills to stop people from getting a Nobel Prize–winning, safe, effective miracle drug.

This whole thing is just wrong.

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