Merry Christmas, America -- the veterans are coming

Recently, three US Army pensioners took to a fainting couch while even perhaps symbolically clutching their pearls to issue a dire warning about the 2024 election:

“In short: We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time.”

The insightful Victor David Hanson nailed such a thumb sucking article;

The column seemed strangely timed to coincide with a storm of recent Democratic talking points that a re-elected Trump, or even a Republican sweep of the 2022 midterms, would spell a virtual end of democracy.

In fact, one quip about such Democrat coup porn is it gives porn a bad name. The other more salient point was a statement made by my often co-author Robbin Laird when he correctly pointed out then when writing about any future events a bit of humility is called for, “Not a single person in America in 2019 could have predicted the events of 2020”

However, for the 2022 election, there is solid evolving hard data that America is soon facing a great Christmas present. A record number of veterans, from all services, is trying to enter our real revolutionary political process: the 2022 mid-term elections.

To give credit to the Democrat party, in the 2018 mid-term, they very astutely focused some effort of recruiting military veterans to stand for a political office, mostly the US Congress. 

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leaders have already met with 255 potential candidates across 64 districts, convinced that the shifting political environment has opened new opportunities that they’ll chase in next year’s midterms.

In the great ebb and flow of political parties capturing the good ideas of their opposition Politico comments on current Republican 2022 efforts:

Republicans draft veteran candidates to reclaim House majority. The GOP is borrowing a page from Democrats' 2018 playbook. (snip)

Jen Kiggans, a former Navy pilot who now serves as a Virginia state senator and nurse practitioner, is expected to formally launch a run next week against Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria in the Tidewater region. Harold Earls IV, a retired Army captain who summited Mt. Everest and led the elite unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, just announced a run in suburban Atlanta. And in the Orlando area, Cory Mills, an Army Bronze Star recipient who survived two bombings in the Middle East, is already running against Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.).


Cory Mills (photo courtesy

I have found most often that, after active duty, a veteran is a veteran is a veteran. In fact, since 9/11 a touchstone of service has been forged and a generation bonded. Some will stay in uniform; others will leave, but all have imprinted memories for a lifetime.

However, the biggest surprise I suggest is this generation is not monolithic in thought or deed. They will be Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. But once empowered in the US Congress and Senate they will all have deeply held well-earned insights on how to achieve successful congressional oversight of the executive branch with tough but fair applications of the sunlight of disinfectant. Such probing, not currently being done by Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer, can take place after 2022, fostered by the example of those who put their lives on the line it can take place on both sides of the aisle and both sides of Capitol Hill.

There is a very intellectually brave combat Marine LtCol Stuart Scheller USMC who called for accountability. Hopefully, he soon will be released into civilian status with full First Amendment rights to continue his noble quest to hold senior officers responsible for the end game debacle of the Afghan War.

Now imagine many men and women with the intellectual courage and combat experience of Lt. Col Scheller, combat vets all, soon to be elected to office. Enough with one-party rule. It's to be hoped that my fellow veterans will be a large part of a red wave Republican tsunami.

Once given power by their fellow Americans they can then use the famous US Constitution “Speech and Debate Clause, ” which empowers those in Congress or the Senate to fire away at lies, cant and general BS presented by the current leadership of the Department of Defense. And even better they can also drill down on significant mistakes often made by the Department of Veterans affairs.

Now that can be a real revolution created within our constitutionally ordained ballot box,  peaceful civil war. It will change everything in getting away from the current one-party rule of a Democrat-controlled White House, House of Representatives, and US Senate, along with the most partisan in-the-tank media in American history.

However, whatever a veteran does, big or small, every American should know this Christmas that these men and women have a well-developed instinct for the truth. They are untouchable on that front. So unscrupulous politicians, scam artists, hustlers, and parasites, be on notice. If a man or a woman can face down the Taliban, come at them at your peril. 

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