Kamala cuts a TV ad for the GOP

It's a safe bet that the GOP is going to replicate the 1994 "Republican Revolution" strategy that successfully flipped the House of Representatives to Republican control after 40 years in the wilderness of seemingly permanent minority status.  Newt Gingrich nationalized the issues and came up with the Contract for America, promising change to a country unhappy with the early direction of the Clinton administration.

There may or may not be a new version of the contract with America, because unhappiness with inflation and COVID repressive measures are national issues that the GOP can capitalize on.  I expect national advertising campaigns to vote GOP for House and Senate races.

Kamala Harris just provided an ideal 14 seconds of video for the GOP to use.  The vice president is in effect denouncing the Biden-Harris administration policies ("It's not right") and then describing the pain they have inflicted.

It doesn't get politically stupider than this.

You can bet that today, more Democrats are thinking about how to get her out of the line of succession to the presidency than were contemplating bumping her out of office a couple of days ago.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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