The Democrats are playing with fire in their efforts to gaslight the public on inflation

Inflation is the dynamite that will explode and demolish the Democrats' hold on public support, and they are doing a terrible job trying to neuter the issue.  In fairness, they don't have any good case to make because Biden's policies have sparked inflation, starting with canceling the Keystone Pipeline and creating an artificial labor shortage via the "stimmy checks."  Energy and labor costs spiraling upward are driving prices up, as is the gigantic increase in the money supply through the Federal Reserve's funding of deficit spending via the purchase of Treasury obligations.

But if there were a Hippocratic Oath for political propagandists — "first, do no harm" — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC, usually called the "D triple-C") would have violated it yesterday with this insulting tweet:

Sure, the graph shows prices going down, but if you squint and look at the vertical axis, you see that prices have gone down a whole two cents a gallon over a selected seven days in late November.

The problem is that this selective graphing convinces nobody.  It contradicts what lefties like to call the "lived experience" of people.  What people experience and remember is closer to this graph (hat tip: Steven Hayward, who titles his blog post "How stupid do they think we are?"):

I suspect that the people who tweeted out that 2 cents per gallon graph don't visit gas stations very often.  Maybe they live in D.C. or Manhattan and take cabs, or maybe they drive electric cars.  But everyone except the truly rich feels pain every time he fills his gas tank and every time he buys groceries.  It's serious pain — as in "no vacation trip this year" or "fewer and cheaper Christmas presents this year" or "how are we going to pay the heating bill?"

The DCCC graph, or Jen Psaki's ridicule of people waiting for the Peloton exercise bikes, only makes people angry.

And do you know what angry people do when they get their next chance to vote?  Even Democrats can figure that out.

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