J.K. Rowling caves to the transgender mob

For some time now, J.K. Rowling has been taking a Twitter stand against transgenderism, a fantasy-based movement that erases women by giving men access to their locker rooms, swimming pools, boxing rings, racetracks, prisons, admiral ranks, and even Jeopardy. No wonder that, when a British newspaper ran an online poll looking for the “Person of the Year,” Rowling ran away with the victory. How ironic, then, that Rowling has now grovelled before the transgender mob.

I’ve written before how Rowling has long been the only high-profile figure in the English-speaking world to oppose the way in which the transgender movement (which is based upon the fiction that people are born in the “wrong” body) allows men to co-opt women’s spaces and accomplishments. Over the years, she’s spoken out for women fired for opposing the transgender movement, ridiculed those who call women “people who menstruate,” and highlighted how ridiculous it is that Scottish police will now allow male rapists to “identify” as women and be locked up in women’s prisons.

Rowling has been attacked for these stands. She’s been doxed (i.e., her home address was revealed, which is a way to encourage people to terrorize her) and the entire Harry Potter infrastructure (studio and actors) has sought to erase her. That’s how it works in Hollywood: You make tens of millions off someone’s extraordinary creative efforts but you’re always weak-minded enough to abandon that person in favor of the deranged leftist mob.

Because Rowling has really done nothing creatively exciting in the past couple of years, the most interesting and newsworthy thing about her in 2021 has been her willingness to stand up to the transgender mob. That may explain why, when The Guardian, a British newspaper, ran an online poll asking people to identify their “Person of the Year,” Rowling was the explosive winner. Then, for reasons The Guardian didn’t explain, the poll vanished. The Daily Wire fills readers in on what happened then:

But that didn’t stop the public from taking to social media to share their suspicions.

“JK Rowling was voted Guardian’s person of the year. Rather than acknowledge this, Guardian killed the competition. What utter cowardice, Guardian,” said one tweet that received nearly 3000 “likes.” Another, which more than 7000 people approved, read, “BREAKING: Guardian deactivated the poll on ‘Person of the Year 2021’ because JK Rowling was in the lead. Pathetic!”


It seems the Guardian’s politically awkward popularity contest isn’t going to be easily forgotten. When the outlet posted the question, “What’s the funniest thing you saw on the internet in 2021,” to Twitter, numerous people responded in the same vein as one user who replied, “The Guardian closing its Person of the year award because JK Rowling got so many votes — that was totalitarian levels of funny.”

Image: J.K. Rowling.  YouTube screen grab.

As it happens, 75% of Americans also think that men and women are two different sexes and cannot magically be switched, blended, or erased. It was this American poll that led Rowling, even as the Guardian kerfuffle was taking place, to back down from her stance and start quibbling:

I hate to break it to Rowling, but that’s a no-can-do stance. Accepting that transgenderism exists puts you in a binary situation (pun intended). Either biological differences between women and men are real, in which case transgenderism is utterly delusional; or transgenderism is real, in which case assertions that women exist as a defined sex and have specific rights are delusional. Rowling is trying to dance around and obfuscate these two options.

I know where I stand: The left is using transgenderism to destroy America by destroying people’s core identity and the basis of the nuclear family (mom and dad), as well as destroying the military.

Transgender-maniac is making headway because of high-profile activists, such as the people behind Jeopardy who claim that a man in a dress is the highest-scoring woman ever. Outside the entertainment world’s power, transgenderism is pushed in schools. It’s helped (I believe) because (a) so many boys are raised without fathers and over-identify with mothers and (b) perhaps because so many women still have hormones from the Pill circulating in their bodies when they get pregnant.

If I were queen of the world, I would insist that all teens and adults who claim to be transgender must immediately get a one-month treatment of hormones aligned with their sex. But I’m not the queen of the world. All that I can do—unlike Rowling—is continue to stand atop the barricade of sanity and reality crying “Stop.”

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