TikTok 'transgender man' with no 'top' surgery lets it all hang out

Up until now, the matter of transgender surgery, and whether someone who identifies as transgender has had it, was "a private matter."

That's mainly the result of the controversy over men entering and ogling women in women's restrooms, as well as the issue of jail rapes in women's prisons, brought on by unreconstructed males impersonating females and then acting as criminals with their still male members.  No polite person is ever supposed to know or ask.

But now we have something else: a TikTok lib who insists on letting it all hang out.

LibsofTikTok has discovered this charmer, who claims to be a man in her own mind, but hasn't gotten any surgery to prove the commitment.  She is busily flashing her very female-looking boobs around as supposedly a bare-chested man in a demonstration of her "manliness" and telling us that all's fine.  Anyone looking at that would see basically some sort of degraded pornography instead.  Maybe she's an exhibitionist.  Maybe we're supposed to pretend they're moobs.  We do know that she intends to offend and has no respect for the dignity of the body she was born with.

LibsofTikTok blurred the strategic body parts out for a family audience, but those who absolutely need to see the whole thing without blurring can view the video here.

Whatever it is, it represents a new breakdown in standards of civilized behavior brought on by the transgender agenda.

Men can go bare-chested on occasion.  Women cover up.  Now it's anything goes, with transgender needs for "privacy" no longer operative.  Who needs civilizational norms anymore, when transgenderism frees you from having to observe any? 

The reason this person gives for this showy display for the kids is nothing short of infantile.  "Chests are not sexual," she shouts in the video.  Well, breasts are, and that's what she's flashing with the claim that it's just a chest.  Breasts in fact are known in science as secondary sexual characteristics, so points lost right there.

But more to the point, the idea that this isn't nasty and obscene and a total breakdown in standards is nonsense.  Yes, some cultures, typically in very hot or humid climates, do have bare-breasted women who go about their societies uncovered.  There is nothing wrong with this, given that it's a cultural norm that's widely observed.  The important thing here, though, is that all of them do it.  The minute one of them starts covering up, the normal reaction, no matter what the society, is for all of them to cover up.  That's what happens because women follow women.

Not this woman.  Something's wrong here in that she can't seem to follow what her sexual equals are doing, or even what the sex she claims to be is doing.

We don't see anything like that with this exhibitionist who's flinging her breasts in our faces on the argument that she's now a man.  In times past, this would be seen as the action of a lunatic, and she would be carted off by the white coats.  Now it's seen as normal because transgenderism means anything goes.  Will the next TikTok charmer show us his male private parts and call it a birth canal?  All kinds of cracked and crumbling norms can come of this kind of activity, this insistence on calling men women and women men based on mere feelings, and too bad about the biology.

She ought to be busted for obscenity for this grotesque stunt, but we all know that won't happen.

Image: Twitter screen shot from LibsofTikTok.

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