JK Rowling continues to speak out for women

J.K. Rowling didn't need to court controversy.  She's one of the richest, most successful people in the world, and she could have retired in silence to spend her time counting her money.  Instead, she's taken on a laudable crusade: she's speaking out against the transgender mob's attempt to erase women.  Hollywood, despite all its earnest babble about women's rights, has responded by erasing her for her brave and sensible stand.

Two years ago, Rowling came out of the closet as a supporter of biological sex.  The context was an employment tribunal case in England involving a woman who was fired for saying men are not women.  (She lost her appeal.)  Rowling's tweet was not hostile to those men who insist against all reality that they are women.  Instead, she said only that no one should be fired for stating an irrefutable fact:

Rowling was instantly attacked as "transphobic" — a ridiculous term because she doesn't "fear" transgender people; she just sees them for the fakers they really are.

To her great credit, Rowling hasn't backed down.  Six months after her opening tweet, when she saw a ridiculous article calling women "people who menstruate," Rowling was back:

Most recently, and most laudably, Rowling brought attention to the truly grotesque fact that Scotland has announced that, if the police arrest a man for raping a woman, and he declares that he is a woman, the police will note that as his sex merely on his say-so and incarcerate him accordingly — in women's prisons, with a whole flock of potential victims:

In response to Rowling's truly pro-women stands, the gay mafia have doxxed her, although she won't back down.  Meanwhile, Hollywood, which has always insisted that it's all about women's rights, even as it did nothing while Harvey Weinstein and myriad other powerful figures routinely harassed, assaulted, and raped women, promptly began to cancel her.

Image: J.K. Rowling.  YouTube screen grab.

It began with Rowling being conspicuously absent when news came of a cast reunion celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie.  The young people who became vastly wealthy and famous because of her creative genius happily bad-mouthed her, too.

Now Rowling's being erased from a new movie called Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.  According to the Daily Mail, while past trailers for movies in that series prominently listed her name, the current trailer buries her name in a minor note at the end in a way that's easy to miss if you're not looking for it.

Rowling is to be commended for refusing to back down.  We know that other famous, wealthy people will instantly grovel when the woke mob comes after them, but Rowling is sticking to her guns on this one.  It helps that she knows she's right: men are not women.  Cutting parts of their bodies off and taking female hormones will not make them women.

In the face of this cultural madness, we need loud, very loud, voices speaking the truth.  Rowling's is one of the loudest voices there is on that subject, and it behooves us to help her amplify her message.

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