Greta Thunberg is beginning to turn on the Democrats

I think I can say I am second to none in my disrespect for Greta Thunberg.  She's a marginally educated, mentally unstable kid whose hard-left parents turned her into a political figurehead for the climate change movement.  (I'm assuming here that American Thinker readers share my even greater disdain for the myth of anthropogenic climate change.)  However, unpleasant as Thunberg is, the people who worship her are worse.  It's impossible to think of a time throughout history when having a child in charge turned out well.  That's why children shouldn't get driver's licenses, voting rights, or bully pulpits.

The reason these thoughts occurred to me is that Sara Carter published an article about the fact that Thunberg has turned on Biden.  Despite having destroyed America's burgeoning homegrown oil industry, which was making us self-sufficient and allowing us to be an oil exporter, he is insufficiently pure for that little girl:

During an interview with the Washington Post on Monday, Far-left activist Greta Thunberg slammed Democrat President Joe Biden, saying it's "strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader" on climate issues.

Thunberg, who is known for making alarmist claims about climate change, made the comments when she was asked if she was "inspired by any of the world leaders."

"If you call him a leader — I mean, it's strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing," Thunberg responded.

"The U.S. is actually expanding fossil fuel infrastructure," she said. "Why is the U.S. doing that? It should not fall on us activists and teenagers who just want to go to school to raise this awareness and to inform people that we are actually facing an emergency."

You can read more of Thunberg's hectoring, ill informed blah, blah, blah at Sara Carter's site.  I find listening to Thunberg as pleasant and interesting as watching the bossy, disrespectful, prepubescent brats who populate Nickelodeon and Disney TV.  While I hope I am always respectful to young people (as they say in Montessori, "grace and courtesy"), I'm old enough to recognize how little they know, just as I knew so little when I was their age.

Image: Greta Thunberg.  YouTube screen grab.

One of the things I do know is that the expression "and a little child shall lead them" doesn't apply to the everyday world.  Instead, Isaiah was referring to a peaceable kingdom that will come with the return of the Messiah.  Until then, having a little child lead anything is too often a recipe for disaster.  Those familiar with history know that the most terrifying thing that could happen to any pre-modern nation was for a king to die and leave only a child as his heir.  The vacuum that is a child monarch invariably led to deadly power struggles (see, e.g., the 100 Years' War between England and France).

Perhaps the most tragic example of children taking on adult responsibilities was the ill-fated children's crusade in 1212.  The story handed down spoke of a child preacher in Germany or France who claimed he'd received a visit from Christ ordering him to travel to the Holy Land and convert the Muslim infidels to Christianity.  Eventually, upwards of 30,000 children from Germany and France followed him to the Holy Land to make good on this vision.  Instead, the children either were sold into slavery in Muslim lands or died in shipwrecks.

The actual story is a little less dramatic, with two boy preachers, one in Germany and one in France, inspiring people of all ages, including children, to embark on a crusade.  In both cases, the enterprises quickly fell apart, with people abandoning the crusade, becoming slaves, dying, etc.  Whether in fiction or fact, a little child did not lead them anywhere at all.

Ultimately, that Greta says what she says is the kind of emotionalism that's to be expected from an emotionally fragile girl whose head is stuffed with apocalyptic visions.  The disgrace is the fact that the world's leftist adults give her any credence.  While it's nice to see her start to savage the very people who support her demands, the core issue is that no one should be supporting her ill informed, emotionally based demands.

The fact is that this little girl, who's now become part of the ruling elite, will be unaffected by the world that adults are allowing her to create.  She will always have food, light, heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer.  However, the children following in her wake, and those adults who do not benefit from elite status, will soon discover that the world Greta Thunberg has made for them is a world of hunger, darkness, disease, and death from extreme cold or excessive heat.

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