What if Youngkin Wins?

There are a few hours left for the state of Virginia to go to the polls.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign has been thoroughly underwhelming after a series of catastrophic blunders.

The highlights of his record of shame on the campaign trail are as follows"

McAuliffe’s said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe’s allies in the Lincoln Project attempted to stage a false flag operation to link Youngkin and his campaign with white nationalists.

At a recent rally, McAuliffe even lamented the number of white teachers ahead of Va. governor vote because “Fifty percent of students at Virginia schools are of color, yet 80 percent of the teachers are white.”

If the polls are to be believed, McAuliffe is on the verge of suffering a defeat and the Democrats are understandably rather concerned.

Recently, Kamala Harris was rallying for McAuliffe at a campaign event. Unwittingly, she revealed what was on every Democrat’s mind:

“Each one of you in your possession has the ability to determine, yes, who will be the next governor, but also by extension, given the importance of this Virginia election, how the country is going to move,” she said. "There is so much power in the hands of the people, including not only determining the outcome of this very, very important election but making a statement about who we are as a nation,” concluded Harris.

The response to Kamala's appeal was tepid, which is surprising considering most attendees must have been Democrat activists.

However the attempt to elevate the elections to make it a national level will work against McAuliffe. This is because Joe Biden has presided from one disaster to another ever since entering the White House.

This includes the inflation crisis, the supply chain crisis, the border crisis, the energy crisis, the Afghanistan crisis, and so much more.  

The comparison would only dissuade people from choosing a person from the same party and ideology.

Amazingly McAuliffe and his ‘star’ endorsers haven’t uttered a syllable about his record as governor or his plans to serve Virginia. His campaign has just been gratuitous negative, cynical, political, and vicious targeting of Republicans and Youngkin.

The question is what happens if Youngkin wins by a large margin such that Democrat voter fraud cannot overturn the results?

For that, we must recall how they reacted to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

Despite being called Democrats, they have very little faith in the principles of democracy.

They do not respect public mandates that go against them as Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton have proved. 

They are so certain that talent, virtue, and morals lie on their side that they cannot fathom a scenario where the public rejects them.

If the people reject them it is because they are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. 

Also, there has to be a major conspiracy against them. 

Hence conceding is quite out of the question.  

Last year, Hillary had advised Biden last year to not concede under any circumstance.

McAuliffe, who is close to the Clintons, has recently retained the services of former Clinton counsel Marc Elias for a fee of $53,680. Elias was accused of lying to hide the role of the Clinton campaign in pushing the Trump Russia Hoax. Experts say McAuliffe may be preparing to challenge a Youngkin win.

If McAuliffe challenges the results, be prepared for a series of discussions and op-eds in the mainstream media on why challenging electoral results strengthens democracy.

It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that the Democrats and their minions in the media will push a wild conspiracy theory such as a powerful group of neo-Nazis and white supremacists organized coordinated and most importantly intimidated those who voted for Youngkin.

In the current climate, terms such as ‘domestic terror’ will be used and soon various federal agencies will descend upon the state to investigate.

Much like during Trump's tenure, the goal of these various investigations will be to wear down and scare people into submission by the process.

They will conclude with remarks such as “If they are clean and have nothing to fear, why are they hesitant to submit to a thorough investigation of how we got here?”

The other goal of these investigations is to scare the winner from implementing his agenda and to create buyer’s remorse and even fear in the mind of the voter.

They will also place a series of impediments before Governor Youngkin.

They certainly have the means.

The Virginia state senate and the Virginia state assembly are controlled by Democrats. 

The Virginia Supreme Court recently ruled unanimously in favor of the removal of a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee from a prominent spot in the state's capital city, saying “values change and public policy changes too” in a democracy.

Recently Virginia lawmakers elected eight new judges to the state Court of Appeals following a selection process that Republicans criticized as one-sided and secretive.

All major state-wide officeholders including lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and attorney general are Democrats, while the rest are independent. 

Virginia has had Democrat governors since 2014, which means the general attitudes and the bureaucracy has to be Democrat.

The fact that everybody including Obama, Biden, and Harris have actively campaigned for McAuliffe, and that the media have treated this almost like a quasi-presidential means this is being taken very seriously.

With so much stake, does anyone think the Democrats will gracefully accept defeat with the quip “Congratulations, Mr. Youngkin, the people have spoken, we will support you through your tenure and will try to beat you after four years?”

Glen Youngkin, his allies, and his family better be prepared for a series of vicious, nasty, and very personal attacks that may even make what they did to President Trump like a walk in the park.

Hopefully, the Republicans in Washington will not take it this time!

Image: Glenn Youngkin, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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