Halloween in Glasgow

What a grand time they all had in Glasgow. The media has been filled with reports about climate change warnings spewed out at COP26 as the heads of state and other government leaders wined, dined, and tried to outspook each other with their doomsday predictions. It was just perfect for Halloween.

The main themes of the speeches claimed that inaction on climate issues could topple governments (a threat that would certainly shake the boots of any head of state or future king.) But of course, that didn't deter the travel arrangements of any of those hundreds of VIPs who flew in on an armada of fuel-guzzling private and government jets. And as a wonderful preview, Biden showed up at the Vatican a few days earlier in what seemed like a record-breaking 85-car caravan to see the Pope. I'm still trying to imagine all those people crammed into the sitting room of his Holiness.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hosted COP26, set the tone as he claimed people’s anger would be “uncontainable” if leaders didn’t deal with climate change issues. A few days earlier he went so far as to compare climate threat to “the decline and fall of the Roman empire.”

So is anyone surprised that the lofty speeches and breathless media reports failed to mention that climate change problems so far have been entirely caused by thoughtless government actions and not anything even remotely connected to weather? 

Johnson was referring to problems triggered by higher electric prices reflecting, among other things, shifts from coal-powered plants to renewables or natural gas, which, not coincidentally, has become increasingly costly since Biden came into office.

Johnson was understandably upset because among those hardest hit has been the UK, which is now highly dependent on natural gas, having switched away from coal to fuel their power plants. So did anyone ask why they instead didn't shift to clean and cheaper nuclear power? Or why didn't they just adapt effective new technologies to scrub their coal-powered plants and maintain reasonable energy prices? 

In other words, the threats of citizen unrest over higher energy prices have not been caused by actual climate change. They are being caused by governments making short-sighted if not tragic choices in dealing with what is so far a theoretical and scientifically unproven problem. 

The conference speeches specifically cited rising seas and hotter climates. Did anyone think to mention that sort of change has been going on the planet for billions of years? Did anyone think to mention how the Grand Canyon was formed? Did anyone mention that the Sahara desert was once underwater and home to enormous sea creatures?  Did anyone explain how the five recorded Ice Ages ended and started again?

Of course not. It wouldn't fit the narrative. It's not climate change itself creating the problems or the threats. It's the lunacy of left-wing government policies pretending to cope with perceived threats that governments have no control over. That's where the real danger lies.

Find the missing words in this sentence reflecting current Pentagon policies: “Climate change could spark wars, mass migration, and competition for dwindling resources that threaten global security.” 

I suggest this makes more sense:  "Insane government climate change policies will spark wars, mass migration and competition for dwindling resources that threaten global security."  

The facts are clear: wars, mass migration, and competition for dwindling resources are caused almost entirely by government craziness. 

Hapless Joe Biden triggered a mass invasion of our southern border by openly reversing the Trump immigration policies and inviting the illegals fleeing the results of bad governments and bad policies of Latin governments to cross our open border and collect mega benefits. Who more than Joe Biden is responsible for rising energy prices after reversing the Trump policies that had made America energy independent and kept fuel prices low? That as much as anything triggered the staggering global increases in fossil fuel prices and today's resulting global instabilities.  

Sorry folks, none of this has anything to do with climate change, only deep stupidity, and left-wing ideology. Somehow none of that was mentioned during the COP26 conference even while Biden napped. 

Frank Hawkins is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies, and published novelist.

Image: COP26

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