How do we draw the line on caring?

I realized I've hit the wall.  I must save my sanity, and the only way to do that is to say, "Hey, people gotta be stupid, and there's not much you can do about it."  Let it all go.  Engaging the folks around me is futile.  I figure that once enough people die for "unexplained reasons," maybe the door, and people's ears and eyes, will start to open.  I'm just not holding my breath waiting.

I thought about sending people Steve Kirsch's slideshow, which gathers all the reasons not to vax anyone, in the hope they'd look at all the slides and follow the links therein.  I ended up sending it only to my own family because there I must keep trying to get through.  Send it to your family, or anyone you think receptive, please!

You can also send them Eugyppius's excellent article on why the "vaccines" can't do what they're purported to do.  I also sent that, but, again, just to my own kids.

I have a vested interest in seeing my grandchildren not become victims of the vax.  I will not stop trying.  I've told my kids, all they must do is promise not to jab my grandchildren and I'll stop inundating them with all the articles and facts.  I've not heard back.

The "vaccine" is a hoax, as has been definitively demonstrated.  Every newsreader I see touting the wonders of the stuff "finally" being made available to the little kids makes me want to scream at the screen.

I'd love to see my community's kids live healthy and free of the short- and longer-term dangers inherent in this weaponized biologic crap.  But the indoctrination has been so effective that it could be cited as a case study in the efficacy of propaganda.

I thought about posting both articles I linked above to the Nextdoor website but refrained, knowing I'd be tarred, feathered, and run out of town if I were to do so.  I'm just not that brave, or foolhardy.  Maybe the increasing news of first responders refusing the jab will help; it's getting harder to ignore.

Maybe, just maybe, when people in my community discover that they have little to no services from cops, firefighters, and EMTs, that will drive down the barriers a bit and leave a wedge area for a ray of truth to penetrate.

I've thought about why people are willfully blind.  The evidence of the vaccine's flawed nature is right there to see, but people don't look.  They don't want to be wrong, but it's even worse than that.  What if they admit they placed their faith in the government's assurances that this was good and safe — and it isn't?  Then what?

Media and social media have canceled all the news contradicting their narrative.  They've thumbed their noses at us, laughed mirthfully and mercilessly at those of us who shouted into the wind that this stuff was bad, their relish obvious.  How awful, then, to realize they're just as vulnerable to getting, and passing around, the virus as we unvaccinated rubes!

For a little while longer, they can take comfort in the idea that the vaxxed are not getting as sick.  I hear that again and again.  But that will last only until people are allowed to look at the real statistics on "excess" mortality.  Like everything else that counters the approved narrative, those numbers are hard to find.  Thanks to Kirsch and Eugyppius, and to Substack being uncensored, you now have that access.

The vaccinated and their champions must contemplate some terrible outcomes.  It's possible that the "vaccine" has compromised recipients' immunity, and winter is coming.

It's tough to worry about face-planting into a brick wall of sickness nobody can fix.  Unlike COVID, which is treatable, and easily defeated if treatment is started early, there isn't going to be a way to fix people's hearts, blood vessels, kidneys — their cancer, or even the simple winter viruses that their bodies, their immune systems compromised by the spike, won't be able to rally against.

I think we're going to have a very, very bad winter.  Or if they hurry and jab boosters into enough people to put it off, a bad spring.  But how many boosters can one body take?

As much as I don't want to see the future, I know it's coming.  I pray I'm wrong.  But I spend too much time looking at the facts around the world.  It's already started.  Just look at slides 101, 104, 110 as examples in the Kirsch link above.

We need to keep the kids safe from the "vaccine."  Right now, at least in California, that train is rapidly coming down the track.  It's loaded with jabs uninformed parents are eager to see pumped into their trusting children's arms, all too soon to be mandated by our governor.

Image: Vaccinated family by Mohamed Hassan.  Pixabay license.

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