The one thing Republicans must do to save the nation

Republicans do not need to adjust Trump administration policies.  The policies worked.

They do not need to rely on focus groups to inform them on what message to send.  Freedom, opportunity, and a meritocracy work just fine.  Nothing here to "completely transform."

Just keep the trains running, secure the borders, and maintain a solvent currency.  In other words, maintain an infrastructure that provides for efficient commerce, defend this nation against external threats, and be fiscally responsible.  Other than that, stay out of the way.

The current administration works feverishly with the opposite intentions: close the ports, open the borders, increase foreign energy dependency, reduce the supply of goods, furlough the middle class, instill fear, spark division, investigate your bank account and spending habits, spend trillions frivolously in the name of a ghastly goal of equal outcomes, and insert government cradle-to-grave social programs in every aspect of what was private life.

It is remarkable and distressing how rapidly the Biden administration has kneecapped American values in favor of a socialist agenda under a Marxist game plan.

Equity: Your success makes me unhappy, so you are responsible for my unhappiness. 

Republican representatives and their constituents must not bend to the welfare state spending whims of the left in hopes of expanding their tent of constituents.  There is no need to fabricate the next message of fear to replace a fading coronavirus threat that has been the weapon used to the point of exhaustion to keep the voters off balance and away from focusing on what is happening in their country.

Americans are uncomfortably aware of the litany of disasters that mark the work of the Washington cabal.   It has become obvious to any even remotely paying attention with clear eyes that unelected partisan radicals are pulling the strings of power to the detriment of our present and our future.   There is a tacit admission of such from the White House with the message to America to "lower expectations."  Not much of a rallying call, Jimmy.  I mean Joe.

The only thing Republicans need to do to win and save America from the plotting of the left is to ensure that elections are unimpeachably (pun intended) fair.  It is not just counting ballots; it is the whole chain of events leading to the counting: registration, citizenship, proof of identity at the polls, ensuring valid ballots, witnessing the counting, eliminating drop boxes, enforcing voting laws, and having no restrictions on bilateral witnesses to the counting and auditing.

Return to an expectation of in-person voting.  This is one of the only duties of a citizen: go vote.  Voters go to the grocery store on a regular basis and did not die from COVID.  They can go to the local civic center and vote once every two years.  There should need to be a serious reason to vote via mail, such as ex-pats.

Congress is welcome to consider making each national election day a national holiday.  That should serve to emphasize the importance placed on in-person voting and eliminate most excuses for not doing so.

A recommendation is for state law to require state secretaries of state and attorneys general to file a report on what efforts their agencies undertook to ensure election integrity before and after the election, providing election statistics by polling place, and have the report audited and available to the public.

Republicans have not done enough to remedy the mistrust in election results needed to restore faith in the fairness of the election process.  Without that integrity in place, we may soon see a one-party authoritarian state.  The left's ambition to make it so is clear.

Meanwhile, Democrats have no interest whatsoever in voter integrity.  You would think they would at least pretend to care.  No, that change would work against their interest.  In this one case, at least, they do not pretend.

Instead, they equate such efforts to (what else?) racism, echoed by Joe Biden as worse than Jim Crow laws.  What is more racist than proclaiming that black people cannot provide any identification and cannot be expected to sustain themselves when waiting to cast their vote without a stranger on hand passing out gifts, water, and voting recommendations?  Which party is putting race into that ludicrous and insulting position?

Voting is and should remain in the portfolio of each state.  But Republicans in Congress, as well as state representatives, need to escalate their efforts to see voter integrity laws firmly in place and with the means to enforce them and the will to do so.  Also, work to reverse the massive mail-in balloting of 2020 and the special elections.

With fair elections, America will let Washington know how it stands on policy that defines America.

Rick McDowell, writer of political philosophy and essays on the mind at "The American Perspective."

Image: tom.arthur via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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