Transsexualism is a lost cause

It is said of frontiersman and explorer Daniel Boone that he denied ever having gotten lost, although he did concede that once, he had been “a might bewildered” for a few days.

I know, men hate to admit being lost, but the fact is that, unlike Boone, I got lost.

In my defense, I was following directions exactly, but at some point, I noticed that the road was looking less and less like the directions.  Finally, the disparity was so obvious, that I had to admit the humiliating truth.  I actually had to stop, turn around, and go back, until I pulled over to ask directions, and was sent to the correct turnoff.  

Would that all this applied to the social Left.

I can understand the hesitation to admit error, especially after having invested a few miles along an erroneous path.  What I understand less is the refusal to turn around when there is undeniably no longer any possibility of reaching a desired destination on the present route.  At that point, error becomes folly, and worse, perhaps fatal.

American leftism is lost, hopelessly so, but refuses to turn around.  One could use many examples, but the one most recently on my news feeds concerns what is called transsexualism, more specifically, its encouragement in elementary schools.

To most of us, the folly is so painfully obvious that we wonder how it ever came to be taken seriously in the first place.  Gender dysphoria does indeed exist, and those who have the condition suffer greatly.  Suffering deserves our compassion.  It also requires research and suitable remedies.  No dysfunction, however, deserves to be celebrated, and especially so at the expense of society in general.  That is where the Left took a wrong turn, and where it now refuses to open its eyes to the obvious.

Gender dysphoria is a dysfunction of the brain, not below the neck.  The cure is to be sought in the brain, not found in the surgical mutilation of the nether regions of the body.  Nor can it be remedied by reordering the entire society, including imposing sanctions against those who recognize the folly.

So insistent has the left become in continuing its error, that it has successfully conspired to conceal what it is doing to our children in the public school system.  That conspiracy is coming to light, by the tragedies that were predicted.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, for example, the school board was warned well in advance that permitting boys to enter girls’ restrooms at will would result in sexual attacks on young girls by opportunistic, predatory boys.  This was entirely foreseeable, and it was foreseen.  When in fact the rape of a young girl did happen, the school administrators who had enacted this policy suddenly understood that they could be held liable.  Their response was to conceal, deny, lie, and then punish the father of the victim.  They even transferred the offending boy to another school where, once again and predictably, he sexually assaulted yet another girl.

This is so outrageous that it is amazing that the public rebellion thus far is as restrained as it is, though it prompted the National School Boards Association to charge that domestic terrorism was at hand, and AG Garland to direct the National Security Division of the FBI (in charge of combatting to terrorism) to gather information and prepare for prosecutions.

The remedy will not be to make small changes to school policy.  The entire leftist road map is wrong from the very beginning.  What could be more obvious than that there are two sexes?  The fact that some people are confused about this should never have caused society to turn off the highway of commonsense and to run at full speed toward the cliff.

When I get lost while driving, I can really be stubborn.  When society gets lost, such stubbornness causes more suffering than it proposes to prevent.

The end of society has now become foreseeable.  We foresee it.  Let’s turn around. 

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