The G20 photo-op that exposes Biden’s cataclysmic decline

The big G20 shindig in Rome highlights Biden’s cataclysmic decline. Unfortunately, as Joe goes, so go America’s fortunes and standing in the world.

On Saturday, the leaders of nineteen countries, plus the European Union, gathered in Rome to discuss leftist things: climate change, sustainable development, and how to keep the money flowing for these leftist boondoggles. Joe Biden, obviously, was an enthusiastic participant—although he did seem a little clueless about the climate change part, given that he brought with him to Rome an 85-vehicle motorcade (and no, that’s not a typo).

Maybe those are some of those natty vehicles Biden described a couple of days ago, the ones that travel forever on a single tank of gas:

Still, so what about the cars? After all, this is the President (*) of the United States, right? This is the most powerful and important man in the world! Or is he?

If the ritual photograph of world leaders is anything to go by, Joe Biden has lost some of the respect that used to be accorded America. Some? Who am I kidding? He’s lost all of the respect. Think of this as a Where’s Waldo game and try to find Biden in this staged photo-op of massed world leaders:

If you can’t find him, let me help. Don’t look to the center. In the center, you can see India’s Modi in the white leggings, with Germany’s Merkel on his left and, two over from Merkel’s left, there’s Canada’s Trudeau. Cast your eyes in the other direction, to Modi’s right, and you’ll see the blonde shock of hair that is England’s England’s Boris Johnson, a couple of people away from Modi. Turkey’s Erdogan is standing in front of Johnson.

But where is Biden? Oh, right! There he is, on the far left of the photo, practically falling off the stage:

I hate to be a patriot, but that’s not where the American president belongs.

Indeed, by the time the event organizers got everyone on the stage for another group photo—this one with all sorts of costumed first responders—Biden had vanished even further:

The only thing that Biden succeeded in doing was getting the world’s leaders to agree to a 15% global minimum tax on corporations. For that to happen in America, Congress will need to agree to raise the tax on companies’ overseas profits from 10.5% to 15%. The point of all of this is to keep multinational corporations from seeking tax shelters.

A smarter approach, of course, would be to lower corporate taxes everywhere. After all, corporations don’t actually pay taxes. Taxes always come from the ultimate end user—the individual—whether in terms of lower wages for workers or higher prices for consumers. Grover Norquist stated it well when he told Fox News, “Joe Biden’s drive to get the G20 leaders to create a cartel to keep business taxes high will be as popular with taxpayers in America as the similar success of OPEC nations to set a high price for oil was for American car owners.”

Speaking of OPEC, Biden, having destroyed much of America’s energy sector in his first days in office (all in the name of climate change), begged G20 leaders, including OPEC leaders, to increase energy production. Here’s an idea, Mr. Biden: Why don’t you reinstate all the drilling and pipelines you stopped in January? The fastest thing to get America out of the economic slump you created is affordable energy. In my neck of the woods, gas prices have doubled in nine months.

Biden is an appropriate representative for the America he’s created in just a few short months. When Trump left office, the American economy was getting back on track, the border was strong, we were energy independent and a net oil exporter, and life was generally returning to normal.

Under Biden’s aegis, the economy is stumbling into a terrible inflationary period, the border is gone, energy costs are skyrocketing, and there is no such thing as normal anymore. Biden, a pathetic, broken, corrupt man who willingly prostitutes his soul so that he can have the golden ring of calling himself “President,” is the living embodiment of the country he’s created.

(And yes, I’m back to doing pronouns. For this post, my pronouns are “January 6 was probably a false-flag operation” and “Transgenderism is a mental illness.” What are your pronouns?)

Image: The photo-op at the G20 summit. YouTube screen grab.

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