The other Virginia race that could shock Democrats on Tuesday

It makes sense that the top of the ticket in Virginia’s state election Tuesday gets most of the national attention. The fact that Terry McAuliffe is both a former governor and before that a Clinton bagman makes the race compelling to journalists. But the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor deserves a lot more attention, especially since she has a reasonable chance of winning her race, too.

I wonder why the legacy media has so little interest in Winsome Sears? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she is a Black, female, conservative, Marine veteran?

Winsome Sears

Photo credit: Virginia Department of Education CC BY 2.0 license

Winsome Sears has an excellent chance of winning. Check out the trend.

  • In August, she was down 10 points in her race against Democrat Hala Ayala.
  • More than 3 weeks ago, she was down 4 points. That was before the collapse in polling for McAuliffe.
  • Now, in an Echelon Poll taken October 27-29, she is ahead by 2 points.

I have been unable to discover any polling on her race that is more recent. Funny how the media is so uninterested in her, isn’t it?

So, keep your eyes on the race for lieutenant governor as you watch the election returns that are receiving so much attention for the top of the ticket.

Of course, there are some mail-in ballots waiting to be “discovered” by Mark Elias.

Hat tip: Michael Nadler

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