They don't want to remain in Mexico

 We just learned that the Mexican government offered visas to some in the latest caravan. 

This is the story:     

A massive caravan of thousands of migrants has rejected an offer of humanitarian visas for some of the travelers, and is continuing with its journey to the United States border.
The Mexican National Institute of Migration said in a statement that it offered humanitarian visas to women and children in the caravan, but said it was rejected by leaders of the caravan, which set off from southern Mexico last week.      One of the leaders told Reuters that they were distrustful of the authorities who they said had broken promises to them in the past -- and that the deal involved them reporting to government shelters and possibly being moves across states.

This is crazy and confirms why President Trump was right about "Remain in Mexico."  As everybody knows, none of these "caravanistas" wants to stay in Mexico.  They want to come to the U.S.  The beauty of the Trump policy is that it kept them in their home country because going to Mexico wouldn't do a thing for them.  Again, they want to come to the U.S., not Mexico.

Wonder how the Mexicans are going to react to this?  They try to help and get rejected.  Maybe they will finally shut down the Mexico-Guatemala border and end it all.  On the other hand, maybe the criminal elements won't let the government do that because this whole "caravan business" has been so profitable.

What a mess and further evidence that Trump's policies were working and Biden's are not.

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Image: Screen shot from NBC News Now, via YouTube

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