Foreign farmworkers legally here must be feeling stupid

The United States admits a million legal immigrants each year, which includes huge numbers of foreigners to do extremely hard, low-paying, work on farms, to allow Americans and people around the world to be fed.

It is extremely valuable work. They send a lot of the money they earn home to help their poor, disadvantaged families.

Now, they learn that they could earn more, with one check, than they might earn in their lifetimes.

First, they should make the hard trek to the American border with a child -- it could be their own child or just some random child. They should not bring any documentation that could verify the child as their own. They could also just pay a human smuggler upwards of $7,000 to have the child enter the U.S. alone.

Second, after they get separated from the child, they can go find a Democrat special interest group, such as the ACLU, that will either twist facts or maybe make up charges that can't really be proven, and then sue for damages. Evidence is never necessary for leftist groups to do anything to suck out taxpayer money from the Obama or Biden administrations. The latter can always create a new slush fund. After all, a significant amount of money that is stolen from the taxpayers will be funneled back to Democrats in the form of campaign donations. It is a very efficient system and the FEC won't care.

Think of how much more money these farmworkers can get back to their poor families if the taxpayers just write checks for $450,000 each, or some lesser number for made-up damages. The special interest group, the ACLU, if they are like most lawyers, will probably take a third, but who cares? It is way more than these plaintiffs can get working in the U.S. or heaven forbid, working in countries back home where the per capita income is about $2,000 a year. Think of how much they could buy back home in their poor countries with this huge amount of money.

The people that should be most disgusted at the Biden administration for even considering writing checks to illegals are farmworkers, as well as poor- and middle-class Americans who don't get these kickbacks. Small business owners who work their butts off for everything they earn and everyone who worked so hard to come legally to the greatest, most generous country that ever existed should be appalled. Everyone in America should be disgusted that anyone would ever consider this but most of the media and other Democrats have been as silent as they have been about a teenager getting raped by a person in a skirt with a penis

It is truly appalling that anyone would ever consider rewarding people that knowingly and willingly broke our laws but the Biden administration and other Democrats seem intent on destroying America by confiscating huge amounts of money from earners, keeping a huge amount for government workers, and then trickling out the remainder for leftist wishes as they troll for votes. If they aren't able to get the laws passed through Congress, Biden and Obama have always been willing to do it through executive fiat.

I would challenge anyone to name one policy proposal of Biden and the Democrats that are meant to build up the private sector vs. making the government richer and more powerful and making more people dependent on the government. There are none. Just like there is no scientific evidence showing a direct link between oil use and temperatures or any climate component. Evidence is never necessary when most of the media are campaigning for leftist policies.

Our freedom and democracy are threatened by these dangerous people. Biden showed his disdain for freedom in a town hall when he talked about mandates on COVID. I hope people wake up before the U.S. commits economic suicide.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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