The 'science' of COVID

Despite former President Obama’s persistent bleating, there is no such thing as “settled science.” The Earth was flat, the Sun circled our planet, and lightning was thought to be a message from Zeus until proven otherwise.

The fact is, science continually changes as much of what was assumed to be true is retested and found to be faulty.

In my lifetime, dentists once packed mercury-laden fillings in their patients’ teeth while bare-handed. Who knows how many young patients incurred neurological issues due to mercury exposure or how many patients caught dread diseases from the crud under dentists’ fingernails? Luckily, the science changed and now dentists wear more protective garb than members of the bomb squad.

When the Sino-Fauci Flu first arrived, our scientific experts and their computer models told us it was the second coming of the Black Plague and that millions would probably die. The experts advised us to stop living and huddle together in our caves for a few weeks to stop the spread.

Almost two years later, you can see how well that worked out.

Though absolutely nothing was gained by the shutdowns, a great misery did envelop the world as mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide all spiked, not to mention the deleterious effects of unemployment and bankruptcy.

Something that originally did seem reasonable to the man on the street was the concept of wearing a mask to prevent catching SFF. Of course, scientific literature tells us viruses are exceedingly small and that N-95 masks are state-of-the-art protection.

Their very name, however, tells you that they only stop 95% of viruses. For the math-challenged, that means there’s a 1 in 20 chance of a potentially fatal virus getting past your N-95 mask. These masks also degrade over time and should be discarded after being worn for four hours or so, but who’s doing that? No one.

Then there are the paper masks that don’t stop any viruses.

Fauci the Liar gave the game away early when he first posited that masks don’t help at all, and then later, told us masks don’t protect the wearer, just those in the wearer’s general vicinity. He called mask-wearing simply a sign of respect for others.

The internet is full of photos of Obama, Pelosi, Fauci, Biden et al not wearing a mask when they think no one’s looking. Their servants and underlings, of course, must wear them as befitting their lower socioeconomic status.

At best, masks may partially protect those around the wearer if they’re N-95 masks and changed every four hours, or paper masks worn correctly and changed every hour.

Wearing a mask against COVID is virtue-signaling, pure and simple. It shows that you care oh so much about others, an important need for lefties everywhere. But in the real world, cheap, poorly-adapted masks do not protect the wearer from viruses and the fact that COVID is still rampaging around the globe proves that. Habitually wearing masks does, however, cause significant psychological and behavioral damage, especially to children.

Which brings us to vaccinations.

By definition, a “vaccination” produces antibodies against a specific pathogen and provides immunity to the recipient. Unless we change the textbook definition of vaccination -- something I’m sure President Depends and his overtaxed handlers are looking into -- the “vaccinations” Americans are now receiving should more properly be called “therapeutics,” substances that lessen the severity of a disease. At present, those who have been vaccinated can still get the disease and worse, spread it. Many millions of Americans have now been vaccinated, yet more have died in the past ten months than all of last year when the vaccines were still being developed.

Do I appreciate the potentially therapeutic value of these so-called vaccines? Yes, and I’ve willingly received two doses. Do I then get to tell my neighbor what therapeutics he should put in his own body?


Should he catch COVID, does he have the right to consider therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to treat it? Absolutely. It’s none of my business or the government’s.

The choice of what therapeutics to use against disease should be between a patient and his doctor. Period.

And yet health "experts" like the odious Dr. Fauci demand that we treat brand-new, experimental formulations as if they’re reliable, time-tested vaccines, which they’re clearly not. All this while downplaying actual therapeutics as potentially dangerous or fit only for animals. You could be forgiven for thinking that the government health experts care more about their reputations -- and torturing beagles – than they do about helping the public.

Shutdowns didn’t help, nor did virtue-signaling with ineffective masks or any social distancing less than twenty yards. And the “vaccines” being forced upon us by politicians, white-coat bureaucrats, and Big Pharma are merely therapeutic and of limited value at that.

When future scientists, armed with more statistics and a better understanding of the Sino-Fauci Flu, write the history of this difficult time, they will not be kind to the medical and political tyrants who used the disease simply to gain power and enrich themselves.

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