The Smug Party


adjective, smug·ger, smug·gest.

contentedly confident of one's ability, superiority, or correctness; complacent.


Smug is the word that best describes the nature of the Democrat party.  This is certainly true now, but smugness has always been the primary characteristic of the American left.  Moral superiority is their claim to fame.  Confidence in their ability is their currency.  Complacency is their fatal flaw.

So confident were Democrats in the rightness of their hatred for Donald Trump that they never questioned their own criminality undertaken to destroy the man.  Self-righteousness is at the core of their being.  Hillary Clinton is the smuggest of the smug.  Fabricate a tall tale out of whole cloth to taint him?  That is how they play the game.  We now know that the Russia collusion hoax was her project, executed by her army of fixers, from the denizens of Perkins Coie to those ideology-co-opted operatives within the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ.

Try to think of a word that better describes James Comey and Peter Strzok.  An addition to the above definition could be "contemptuous of those deemed lesser beings, everyone not of their exalted class."  This has long been the principal peculiarity of the Democrat party.

At the moment, it is Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki, who is the smugger-in-chief.  On a daily basis, she fends off legitimate questions from the press, even the softballs from fellow smugs, with unrestrained condescension.  The woman is snobbery personified.  She is also ignorant and cannot answer most of the questions she dodges.  "What I would say is..."  "I'll have to circle back..."  She makes Baghdad Bob seem like Walter Cronkite.

Her job is not to impart information, but to deflect any query for which the answer might reflect badly on the Biden administration.  There is no answer to any question that could reflect well on this cabinet of horrors that is bent upon dismantling America as founded.  Sabotage is their game, incompetence their trademark.  Sabotage and incompetence — a deadly combination that has done grievous damage to this once great nation.  And they have the audacity to be smug about all they have done. 

Exactly what have they achieved?  Well, the U.S. was energy independent under President Trump.  Now Biden is begging OPEC to release more oil — this after Biden shut down not only the Keystone Pipeline, but banned drilling for oil on all federal land and banned fracking as well.  Gas prices are now over five dollars a gallon in California.

Biden withdrew from Afghanistan in the most ill advised way possible, leaving behind hundreds of Americans, the Bagram Air Base, and $85B in American state-of-the-art military equipment, all of which is now being reverse-engineered by China, Russia, and Iran.  On day one of his presidency, Biden opened the southern border to all comers, and they have come in droves, from over eighty countries.  They are all admitted, relocated to cities throughout the country.  They are given money; they do not have to be vaccinated, while American citizens must be.

What is the strategy behind this "policy"?  That is easy.  Flood the nation with grateful aliens, give them the vote, and the Democrats will remain in power for a hundred years. 

Perhaps most destructive is the administration's plan to upend the American system of justice.  This goes hand in hand with the criminalization of political opposition.  Four hundred citizens remain in prison for being present at the January 6 rally in support of President Trump.  Without bail, without a shred of due process, they are being mistreated in ways that can only be called barbaric.  Not one of them had been charged with insurrection, a weapons charge, or any other felony, yet the domestic terrorist who just drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI, killing six and critically injuring dozens more, was out on bail for a violent crime and had a ten-year record of criminal violence.

The Democrat party, for inexplicable reasons, is pro-criminal, anti–law-abiding citizen.  Aside from smugness, the Democrat party loves chaos; Democrats believe that fomenting it benefits their side.  They may be about to discover they are wrong on that score.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the Biden presidency is the obvious truth that Biden is a willing tool of China.  President Trump was bringing the Chinese to heel, on trade, intellectual property theft, Taiwan, tariffs, etc.  Biden is subservient to Xi, which should come as no surprise, given that the Biden family became wealthy by doing China's bidding and that the Chinese have the goods on Biden's cokehead son, Hunter.

Biden has done and will continue to do whatever China demands.  Human rights abuses?  No big deal.  Ask John Kerry.  Leak a bioweapon from their lab in Wuhan?  Accidents happen.  Biden did not even mention the origin of COVID in his surrender teleconference with Xi.  That tells us everything we need to know about who is in charge.

"Elections have consequences; stolen elections have catastrophic consequences" (Steve Bannon).  Indeed, they do.  The smug left has brought America to its knees with its election fraud, its corruption of our legal system, and all that that entails — bail reform!, the release of tens of thousands of criminals onto the streets of cities like Los Angeles, which is now experiencing flash mob robberies and follow-home murders, and a general descent into criminal chaos.  This is what the smug left wants.  If it didn't, these things would not be happening.  This level of rampant crime is by design.  The smug left thinks it's its path to eternal rule over us all.  How these leftists have come to that conclusion is a mystery but for the possibility that they admire Stalin, Hitler, and Mao and envy their control over and abuse of their citizens.

Recent events — the Rittenhouse trial and the mass murder in Waukesha, to name just two — prove beyond all reasonable doubt that our media are not only anti-American, but a thoroughly dependable arm of the smug left.  The ideologues who populate the television screens on the cable and network stations are as guilty of fomenting anarchy as they are fully operational members of the smug left.  Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Chris Wallace, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough — every one of them is arrogant and smug.  Truth and facts are wholly irrelevant to all of them.

Darrell Brooks did not murder those people; his SUV did.  Inflation and the hike in gas prices are not Biden's fault.  Just ask Jen Psaki, who, like AOC, seems never to have taken an Econ 101 class.  Who needs actual knowledge when, even if ignorant, you are confident, complacent, and smug?  Glenn Reynolds sagely asked, "What's wrong with 'the new elite'?  Forget cultural insularity or smugness.  The main problem with the 'new elite' is that they're not elite at all.  That is, they aren't particularly smart, or competent."  That pretty much says it all about the people running the country right now.  The people pulling America's strings are smug, inept, and very, very dangerous to us all.

South Park commented on the smugness of liberals seven years ago:

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