LeBron James for president!

Democrats are "literally shaking" at the thought of losing the White House in 2024.  I mean, blatant, willful, and widespread election fraud can take you only so far.

At present, Joe Biden is pulling a Wicked Witch of the West by melting down before our very eyes.  He doesn't know where he is half the time; he's having an increasingly hard time reading the teleprompter; and pretty soon he's not going to recognize Dr. Jill, his handler and "a hell of a doctor," according to Whoopi Goldberg.

Poor old Joe has as much chance of getting re-elected in '24 as I do of dunking a basketball.  Maybe less.

And then there's Kamala.  Our V.P. appears to have only two political talents: sleeping her way to the top, as she did in Kalifornia, courtesy of Willie Brown, and calling people racist, as she accurately labeled Biden during the 2020 presidential primaries.

Other than that, Kam's brainless, heartless, and utterly bereft of charm, her constant cackle-inducing thoughts of goblins, broomsticks, and witchcraft.

Biden and Harris are so unpopular that even Crooked Hillary is looking to get back in the action.  Clinton recently took her snout out of the Chardonnay trough long enough to favor us with some of her condescending wisdom and to accuse her opponents of the kind of crimes for which she's famous.

Sadly, no one noticed.

Who then can save the Dems in '24?

LeBron, baby — King James!  LeBron James is the perfect Democrat candidate.  He checks all the boxes.

Democrats tell us the U.S. educational system is systemically racist, and James surely knows this, too.  He rejected it almost entirely, eschewing college and using high school to polish his jump shot.

LeBron clearly knows nothing about history; the only math skill he possesses is counting his many millions; and when it comes to English, the King can't tell a participle from a participation trophy.

Yet while James may be dumb as a rock, he knows better than to tick off his Chinese benefactors.

The Chinese Communist Party may very well cheat in trade; steal intellectual property; and, using funds provided by wee Dr. Fauci, engineer and unleash a deadly virus upon the world.  But you'd better not say those things in front of LeBron.  He'll call you "misinformed," or worse, "not educated about something."

"You never know," spake the King, addressing criticism of China, "the ramifications that can happen."

Good to know, bro!

LeBron, like all good lefties, also has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  When Stephen Curry, another NBA intellectual, publicly dissed President Trump and was subsequently disinvited to the White House, LeBron tweeted this:

U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going. So therefore ain't no invite!

Reading that gem, LeBron's mom was surely glad she never wasted a penny on higher education for her son.

James also weighed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, mocking the defendant for crying on the stand: "What tears????? I didn't see one[.]"  But while he takes a firm public stance against vigilante justice, on the basketball court, it's another story.  LeBron was recently suspended for flagrantly elbowing Isaiah Stewart in the face, a stunt that drew blood and could've maimed Stewart.  Discussing his suspension for aggravated assault against a fellow player, James said, "It's some b-------.  But whatever."

What imagery!  What eloquence!  James sounds like a Democrat politician already.  And based on his lack of contrition over the incident, it seems that vigilante justice is OK for the King but not for Kyle.

Above all, LeBron James is a political animal.  Given wise advice that he shut up and dribble, James angrily responded, "I mean too much to society" to be quiet.  They don't call him King James for nothing!

LeBron, of course, is best buds with Barack Obama, so we can safely assume that James hates America, too, a definite plus for any potential Democrat politician.  James also endorsed Crooked Hillary for president, saying that much like her, LeBron was doing it all for the children.  That's the first rule of Democrat pandering — I'm doing it for the kids — and LeBron didn't need no schoolin' to know that.

Speaking of schoolin', LeBron was discussing his high school days on HBO's The Shop and said this:

I don't want nothing to do with white people. ... I don't want no [white] friends.  It's me and my boys.

With that revealing insight, James completed the perfect trifecta of Democrat dogma: America, as founded, is an awful, racist place; white people are the problem; and everything the Dems do is for the children.

LeBron James, through his actions and words, has repeatedly demonstrated that he's a hypocritical, Obama bum–kissing, China-loving racist who's as ignorant as the day is long and ready to beat you to a bloody pulp if you disagree.

In other words, a perfect Democrat candidate for president in '24.

Image: Keith Allison via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped).

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