On the ballot, 'D' is for deadly

Here is a headline: Sen. Steve Sweeney, a longtime Garden State Democrat leader, is trailing Republican challenger Edward Durr by thousands of votes.

It says something about America's current electoral system that two days after a race, we can't divine who won.  Sounds like an s-hole country to me, but then I was born a long time ago.

So far, Democrats have offered only two excuses for the battering they took on Tuesday.  Tim Kaine says Democrats lost because they failed to pass the elephantine "infrastructure" and "reconciliation" bills. 

Yeah, that's it: you lost because Democrats didn't spend enough of taxpayer's hard-earned money lining the pockets of Democratic friends while strangling Americans in the process.

That's excuse number one.

The aptly named excuse number 2 blames an America full of white supremacist racists roaming the streets 24/7 in search of ways to destroy minorities and marginalized people.  This excuse offers solace to the more mindless devotees, who love to see themselves as Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning, kicking the crap out of the Klansmen who populate small towns that Democrats never visit yet fully understand via some sort of magic mind-meld.  Heroism by proxy is a Democrat party superpower.

I suggest a third option: people are going down the ballot and searching for someone without a "D" after their name. 

It could be that simple.

On a ballot, it would appear as Edward Durr, R.

Durr is a truck driver.  He has spent his life starting a job and then finishing that job.  Finishing a job makes him a better man than any member of our so-called "educated elite."

Democratic Party elites have devolved into the sort of meddlers who tore apart towns and villages in eras even more medieval than our own.  They cast aspersions, pass along rumors and hoaxes, and tell lies.  Their meddling work is never finished.

Democrats will never finish their meddling work until the electorate ends them and the poisonous vapors of their reign dissipate into air as thin as their nonsensical beliefs and solutions.

Look for the R every time.

Image: DNC.

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