How did women and others ever hold jobs without the benefit of the proposed new entitlements?

Biden, Pelosi, and other Democrats say we must pass their huge slush fund bills so we can get free pre-K and universal daycare so women and others can go to work and fill all the open jobs.

That should make everyone wonder how the U.S has survived for 245 years and how parents went to work before March 2020 and the pandemic without new hugely expensive entitlements.

In January 2017, after eight years of big government under Obama-Biden, here were the unemployment rates:

16-19 years old:  14.9%

Women:               4.3%

Blacks:                 7.4%

Asians:                 3.7%

Hispanics:            5.8%

Non-H.S Grads:   7.4%

H.S Grads:           5.2%

Here were the rates in February 2020, after three years of smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower tax rates under Trump:

16-19 years old:  11.5%

Women:                3.1%

Blacks:                  6.0%

Asians:                  2.4%

Hispanics:             4.4%

Non-H.S Grads:    5.8%

H.S Grads:            3.5%

It sure looks like people were able to go to work without the new expensive entitlements, which would further bankrupt the United States and future generations who Democrats claim to care about.

Here are some interesting facts on poverty:

The poverty rate at end of 2016, after almost 40 years of the massive entitles in the Great Society and anti-poverty programs, and after eight years of the Big Government policies of the Obama-Biden administration, was 12.7%.

After three years of smaller government, lower tax rates, and focusing on making America first and the private sector, Trump's policies had lowered the poverty rate to 10.5%, the lowest on record, and median incomes were rising rapidly.

Think how much better the results could have been if most of the media and other Democrats were not trying to block his policies and seeking to destroy him with endless, baseless investigations every day.

Trump's policies were lifting all boats, especially for those at the bottom, including minorities and the less educated.

The question is, why are Democrats trying to get rid of the policies that worked so well?  Doesn't it show that they care about power much more than results?

U.S. Poverty Hit a Record Low Before the Pandemic Recession

The share of Americans in poverty in 2019 declined and median incomes were the highest on record, a Census Bureau report showed.

The share of Americans living in poverty fell to 10.5 percent in 2019, the Census Bureau reported, down 1.3 percentage points from 2018. That rate is the lowest since estimates were first published in 1959.

Household incomes increased to their highest level on record dating to 1967, at $68,700 in inflation-adjusted terms. That change came as individual workers saw their earnings climb and as the total number of people working increased.

Why are Democrats seeking to raise tax rates when the lower rates produced more revenue?

Revenues received by the federal government in 2017 totaled $3.3 trillion

Governmental receipts totaled $4.0 trillion in FY 2021, exceeding Budget and MSR projections

Pelosi, Biden, and others continually say their spending proposals are popular with the American people, and that is not true.  In a Harvard/Harris poll, 42% approve of the spending largesse.  Fifty-six percent correctly believe that it will lead to more inflation.

Janet Yellen, the Treasury secretary, is trying to sell the nonsense that all this government spending will reduce inflation.  On November 3, economic statistics came out that showed that third-quarter unit labor costs went up 8.3%.  Productivity fell 5%, which is the biggest drop since 1981.

Only an economic illiterate or a political suck-up would claim that flooding the market with money would lower inflation.  Yellen also didn't spot the housing bubble in 2008 when she was at the Federal Reserve. 

Graphic credit: VideoPlastyCC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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