Is the wall of delusional Democrat dominance crumbling?

I can't begin to tell you, as an overseas observer, how refreshing it was to see the results of recent American state and local elections.

As someone who had become convinced that America had gone completely off the rails in a dogged pursuit of Marxist insanity by a malevolent Politburo whose central policy was to control the people and change the demographics of the country, making it impossible for them ever to lose power, it was inspiring to see the common folk rise up and express themselves in overwhelming numbers, setting back the woke regressive agenda of their leaders. 

It had seemed that Americans, regimented by federal and local mandates, had become compliant citizens, except for vaccination-refusing hospital workers, truckers, airline crews and ground staff, factory workers, teachers, firemen, police officers, and parents, who were all defined as extremists, racists, and domestic terrorists by the Democrat Politburo and their propaganda media outlets. 

Some results were shockingly amazing.  A truck driver, spending less than $200 on his primary campaign, hammered the incumbent New Jersey state Senate president.  This really was people over power. 

Virginia is the residential epicenter of Washington power, a given Democrat stronghold.  And yet, the Deep State got hammered as we witnessed the divide between the Democrat D.C. elite and the common folk. 

Terry McAuliffe showed off his friends.  Obama, Biden, and Harris all turned up to boogie with the non-dancer, and voters saw how out of touch these people really are. 

McAuliffe slapped parents in the face, telling them they don't decide what their kids are to be taught.  When they protested about the racism and gender dysphoria brainwashing, they were defined as "extremists" and "domestic terrorists," to be manhandled and evicted from school board meetings and threatened with arrest, as was one irate father who had the temerity to complain about his 14-year-old daughter's rape in a school bathroom. 

Of course, parents are angry.  Who wouldn't be?  I guess Barrack Obama is one.  He turned up at a McAuliffe rally to tell voters that parents who protest their children's indoctrination are part of "a phony Trumped up culture war."

Parents winced at Obama's accusation that they were nothing more than racists for supporting the policies of the man who swept away Obama's attempt to "fundamentally change America" with a free-market economy that gave voters freedom, lower energy costs, and lower taxes. 

By their vote, they told the elite that they don't want their country fundamentally changed and they hate what the Democrats have done to them and their country in 2021.  That's why they gave victory to a businessman outsider who spoke their language and expressed their thoughts. 

Throughout 2021, we heard the constant drumbeat condemning those who did not take the knee to Critical Race Theory and Black Lies Matter as racists and white supremacists.  That America is a nation born in hate and festering in racism. 

In Virginia, that lie exploded with the election of Winsome Sears.

Winsome Sears is an immigrant from Jamaica who was elected to be the first Black female Virginia lieutenant governor.  She fits the image perfectly for the likes of CNN and NBC.  Even Vogue would be all over her.  Except for one thing: She is a Republican.  So, the Democrat-supporting media studiously ignored her success.  It was as if she didn't exist. 

Worse still, she said she was willing to die for her country.  That's not the message that BLM and CRT want you to hear.  So no airtime for her. 

She went on to say, "I don't know if you noticed, but I am Black, and I have been Black all my life, but this is not what this is all about."

They hated that message.  It's the message of an abandoned Martin Luther King, one of content of character rather than skin color, and it took a Black Republican migrant to break through the racist rubbish that has been rammed down the throats of Americans since the Democrats gained power.

What Virginia showed America and the world is that Black and Latino voters are moving away from the Democrat party in large numbers.  Even Democrats are voting for non-Democrat candidates if their message reflects their individual feelings and needs. 

The party that opened the floodgates for millions of illegals to flow unchallenged and unverified into the country has driven gravely concerned legal immigrants away from the party. 

Damaging Democrat policies have many fearful for the future of America.  Asian immigrant Xi Van Fleet said she had stumped for Youngkin by standing out in the cold and rain for nine hours to volunteer for her chosen candidate.  His values resembled hers.

The Democrat media were oblivious to all of this.  Instead, they, like McAuliffe, remain fixated on Donald Trump, and recent election results have put them into a Trump meltdown.  They are scared to death of a potential groundswell that will bring Trump back to power in 2024.  As CNN pundit Van Jones put it, the elections were "the Delta variant of Trumpism."

Hypocritical Rachel Maddow complained on MSNBC that "Fox built their primetime around the elections for months."  Pretty rich for a Democrat media outlet that spent years doing nothing but lie about Trump and making out that Republican voters are white racists. 

Joy Reid said the Virginia election was about education, which, for her, "is a code for white parents who don't like the idea of teaching about race."

The whole conversation of the mad Marxist media is summed up in three obsessive words — race, White, and Trump.  If you don't accept their lying propaganda, you are a racist, an extremist, or a potential terrorist. 

Along with this madness has been their anti-police policies, which seemed insane to outsiders but are wildly popular with Democrat policy-makers, particularly those in high crime cities and states whose policies are to disband the police and not arrest or imprison dangerous criminals.  Suddenly, we heard from the voters, and their message was the reverse of everything we had heard for the last three years.

In Minneapolis, hardcore "defund the police" George Floyd territory, and home turf for radicals such as Ilhan Omar, voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to replace the police department with an experimental social service/public health alternative.  Voters know that an area without police is infinitely a more dangerous place.

There is a long way to go, but the sight of commonsense voters expressing themselves and winning in dominant but delusional Democrat strongholds is encouraging.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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