Kamala Harris splashes out $582 on official trip to Paris, France for fancy cookware

So Kamala Harris, who's "never been to Europe" at least until her trip to France last week, made sure she got some shopping time for herself on her trip to...Paris.

According to Fox News, she splashed out the dollar equivalent of $582 for cookware at a storied and tony boutique, E. Dehillerin, founded in 1820.

Vice President Kamala Harris spent over $500 on cookware in a Parisian shop amid rising inflation and economic uncertainty at home in the U.S.

The vice president visited the shop on her four-day diplomatic trip to Paris last week, reportedly dropping 516 euros on pots and pans at high-end cookware store E. Dehillerin.

The store is located outside of the world-famous Louvre museum, where the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa, hangs.

Harris took home a serving dish costing around $375, a frying pan around $160, as well as a multitude of other kitchenware items, including a porcelain egg dish and a copper cleaner, according to the store, which disclosed the amount of the purchase to the Washington Free Beacon.

I imagine she will impress all her status-conscious friends as she serves up her famous jerk chicken with all those tony French labels on the cookware with her factory-folded apron back in Brentwood.

To be fair, it wasn't an Imelda Marcos–style amount.  If you make a six-figure salary, as she does, it's probably a reasonable amount to spend.  You could also order it online in English if you want, without having to be in Paris to get it, so it's not as tony as it could be, given that it's no proof of a Paris jaunt, though she would get the status shopping bags.  The pricing itself wasn't extremely high — it was just a little more than what a typical Biden suburban female voter might pay at a chain like Sur La Table, to compare wares and prices.  To also be fair, this was the only shopping we saw.  There might have been other shopping, given her rather light schedule.

Here's the ESPN video of Harris shopping up a storm:

One thing stands out to me as obnoxious — she's loudly talking and talking in English even though this is a Paris shop.  I hear her speak three French words in the background as she speaks to a staffer about pulling down some merchandise for her.  One of them is the word "oui," and the rest goes to English as the staffer tries to parse.  Seriously, she didn't try to learn just a few phrases in French for when she visits a French store?  French is far from the hardest language for an English speaker to learn.  Some say it's the easiest.  Polite people always try to speak the local language when they travel, even if they are not good at it.  It's a sign of respect, and the effort is always appreciated.  They don't go into a shop and talk loudly in English, jarring up the audio.  Talk about no class.  Talk about Ugly American. 

Oh, and let's add one more thing: Harris spent her high school years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She attended a French-speaking school for at least part of that time before moving onto a tony English-speaking one.  Four years in Quebec, and she didn't learn enough French to get by in a French cookware shop?

The other thing is bigger: does she do anything else?  What exactly came of her taxpayer-paid official trip to Paris other than this shopping trip?  She had a couple of cursory meetings, supposedly about patching up U.S.-French relations, which was hardly necessary, given that the French had already spoken to Joe Biden, as well as undoubtedly a host of State Department diplomats.  The rest of her agenda was pretty much first lady stuff.  There seemed to be quite a bit of unfilled time, unlike most official trips.  And what a coincidence: second gentleman Doug Emhoff was with her.  Does she ever actually work?

Harris spent four days in Paris, and a couple of hours at the U.S. border, something that actually might involve some work and not much in the way of shopping.  A few hours at the border, four days in Paris, comme ci, comme ça.

Seems the only time we ever hear about Harris, other than the ugly staff fights and chaos and biting leaks about Biden's racism in the press, is when she's got interior decorating on her mind, or a Vogue photoshoot to complain about, or a new Instagram to take.  She's a shopper, particularly when she can get the girls on the bus at CNN to jump in and join her.  Remember when she was trying on jackets as the press fawned?

That's what she does.

She's not really interested in the work of being vice president of the United States, or doing things that make any sort of difference — certainly not finding a means of halting the border surge, which is her actual job.  She's got too much work to do...being the First Influencer.

She's not exactly about working for the American people on this Paris shopping trip.  Like Joe, who's in it for the prestige of the presidency, despite being senile and full of "bathroom incidents" in public, they are all in it for themselves, particularly as they feather their nests.  The country can go to hell, sinking down into a morass of high gas prices, runaway inflation, military defeat, wokester ideology in the schools, angry parents, and Caracas-style crime, but they're taking good care of themselves, and like any status-conscious people, they would like to show it to you.

Image: Screen shot from shareable Daily Mail/ESPN video.

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