How vax alarmists are killing us

We are hearing an increasing drumbeat from COVID alarmists and control freaks that if people refuse to get the COVID-19 shot, these evil refusers will be responsible for the deaths of all those good people who obeyed and are fully vaccinated.

This is pure panic alarmism.  It turns out that the exact opposite of their statement will prove to be true.  That is — it is they and not the unvaccinated who will cause the deaths of millions of our citizens.

Why are these alarmist citizens doing this?  Because fear, especially irrational fear, is the strongest emotion that can be played upon.  It is possible to get most of the population to do anything if enough fear is applied. And these irrationally fearful people have struck a Faustian bargain with the government.  "We'll cede our constitutional rights and freedoms if you will just save us from the virus" — those freedoms being speech, assembly, petition, free travel, self-incrimination, search and seizure, even our lives, just to name a few.

Fear is the tool that authoritarians use to get people to hate others.  In the case of the virus, they have convinced many people to first irrationally fear the virus, and then to hate those not following the program.  It works.

Government gladly goes along because it gets increasing power over us — power that will never be returned — even though the government is incapable of delivering on its part of the salvation bargain — even if they wanted to, which I'm beginning to doubt because overlapping crises are needed if they are to retain this power.

These alarmist sheep and clapping seals just cannot wait for the next round of vaccines to be approved, especially for their five-year-old children!  They would sleep in their cars to be first in line if they could.

We see a direct comparison to the climate change (C.C.) debate, where the people are so fearful that the world will end soon that they willingly go along with the programs of Marxists and totalitarians if they can just be saved from it, even though the hypocrisy of the C.C. promoters is obvious.  Note the parallel about the "science" (scare quotes intended) between the "science" of C.C. and that of COVID-19.  The truth no longer matters; just present the data that support your end goal.  Think how noisy the C.C. debate is, and note that the discussions about the effectiveness of the vaccines are now in a similar vein, and basically undecipherable as to reality.  This is intentional.

This magic elixir will permit the left to finally close in on its sociopathic and psychopathic desires to tell the rest of us how to live.  You know, the "never let a crisis go to waste" crowd — even while we see the hypocrisy of letting aliens flood across our borders and not demanding that they be vaccinated before shipping them to interior cities or the many times our "leaders" get caught in public without masks in direct violation of their own edicts, just to name two.

So how are the vax-alarmists responsible for the deaths of Americans, which is the opposite of what they are claiming?  By willingly ceding their constitutional rights to be saved from it, they are also ceding ours.  And when that happens, the Marxist movement will have accomplished what it never could have done through the ballot box.  The Marxists' need for a compliant, obedient, silent population with a crushed middle class, if they are to succeed, is being met through this "pandemic" without having to fire a shot.

Thankfully, we have constitutional rights, which are slowing these authoritarians down.  But don't think it can't happen here.  Look at Australia and New Zealand, countries that I had always considered rational, European-heritage societies that live pretty much like Americans.  But I was wrong.  Their authorities are now saying that by year's end, everyone will be vaxxed, and the holdouts will be fully locked into their homes, possibly imprisoned.

What to say to the alarmist?  "Nope, buddy, it is you who are posing a deadly threat to us all.  Because you are scared of a virus that has been overhyped, you are willingly giving up your civil rights to be saved from it — salvation the government cannot deliver.  And when you do, you are also giving up my rights.  And you don't have the right to do that."

Due to personal demographics, I have had the shot, lest anyone want to do that dance with me.  But I remain firmly against vaccine mandates, as that should be each person's right to bodily autonomy.

Lewis Dovland is a Southern writer.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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