A few questions to frighten companies who terrorize their employees into getting jabbed

Even if you're only barely paying attention, it's obvious that all the hype about the COVID vaccines has been wasted CO2, contributing 100% more to climate change than to the health and well-being of recipients.  The simple fact is that these experimental vaccines, whether Pfizer's, Janssen's, or Moderna's, do not work.

If one, any, or all do work, why are Austria, Australia, Germany, and Ireland, with the majority of their populations already vaccinated incarcerating unvaccinated people or reinstituting draconian lockdowns?

If they are effective, why are breakthrough cases surging at an alarming rate? Why is the state of Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the United States, seeing breakthrough infections on a mass scale?

Why does "fully vaccinated" no longer mean "fully vaccinated"?  When were boosters for effective vaccines ever needed within a period of just a few weeks?  Yes, many vaccines need to be re-upped every five to seven years, but that's years, not weeks.  Flu vaccines shift year-to-year based upon what type of flu is projected to emerge, but even that is one-and-done until the next flu season.

With more than sixty percent of the U.S. population vaccinated, why is this year's death toll higher than last year's?

If these vaccines are so effective, why are we still masking up and social distancing?

These are questions that have not been widely asked, and nowhere have they been answered despite many hours of internet searches and looking through multitudes of websites.

With those questions at the forefront, we get to the primary question:

Now that businesses and agencies have held a virtual gun to their employees' heads with the threat of "get vaxxed or get fired," what are they going to do about the boosters?

By submitting to tyranny, private companies picked their side, raising an important question for many of us: how will they gracefully back off from that stance now that they've committed?

Odds are, they'll double down, pull back the hammer on that virtual gun and say "booster or else" leaving those of us who resentfully, reluctantly submitted the first time in a quandary.

The government, or in reality the agencies that are actually running this political theater, are already pushing third rounds.  Where does that end?  Why not fourth, fifth, and sixth injections?  After all, rounds one and two failed.  It's probable, based on past experience, round three will, too.

In the face of this, what will businesses do?

More importantly, what will workers do?

Yes, many workers will act like sheep.  Some will go gladly.  Others will shrug our shoulders in resignation as we roll up our sleeves.  We'll get in line and we'll get that third, fourth, 500th jab because we "have" to.

What about the rest of us, though?  And what impact could those who aren't sheep have on businesses if they band together, link arms, and say "NO!"?

This economy is already shaky.  What would happen if the engine, all those tens of millions of line workers who keep it chugging along, just stopped?  What if we accepted the layoff or the termination and those companies already struggling mightily to fill jobs couldn't find qualified replacements?

How long would it be before businesses were forced to make the choice: accept the autonomy of their workers and rescind the jab-or-job threat, or close their doors?  How long do you think it would be before they would stand up to do the right thing for themselves, their bottom line, investors, Wall Street, and their employees, and fight back against this tyranny?

Some Google employees are saying no.  Back in September, a group of alleged Procter & Gamble employees released a video saying no.  First responders have said no in droves.  Why?

If health care workers, policemen, firemen, and EMTs have seen the effects of COVID firsthand, upfront and personal, why are they rejecting the vaccines so vehemently?  Why are they filing lawsuits or quitting?  Could it be because many of them witnessed someone getting the vaccine and having a serious or deadly adverse reaction?  Could it be that they experienced that enough times that they began to question the safety of these vaccines?

What about the rest of us?

How many of us will be sheep, and how many of us will quit — either to retire or to find a company and/or a job that doesn't demand a jab?  There are no jab job boards out there, by the way.  Not a lot of jobs at this point, but it's a new and growing niche market, and one to which it might be worth paying a bit of attention if you also resist the idea of having something experimental irrevocably pumped into your body.

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