Jen Psaki expands on Biden's calling Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki finally explained why it's perfectly all right and not at all actionable that Joe Biden implicitly and obviously called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist.

Kyle Rittenhouse, she says, posed for a picture with the Proud Boys, and anyway, Trump has always supported white supremacists.  Unfortunately, for her, aside from Kyle's denying any responsibility for the meeting with the Proud Boys, she's lying about Trump, wrong that the Proud Boys are white supremacists, and repeating an internet joke about the A-OK sign having a deep, racist meaning.

On August 25, Kyle Rittenhouse shot three men who were caught on camera trying to kill him.  Only two days later, during an interview with Anderson Cooper, Biden called Rittenhouse a militia member and made it patently clear that he believed that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist.  The setup was basically Anderson Cooper claiming that while President Trump had spoken about the shooting of Jacob Blake, he hadn't made a statement about Kyle Rittenhouse:

I don't know enough to know whether that 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did, but allegedly he's part of a militia coming out of the state of Illinois. Have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists? Have you ever heard it? That's the reason I got back in this race because what happened in Charlottesville.

In 30 seconds, Biden stated both an explicit and an implicit lie.  The explicit lie was that Trump had never said a negative thing about white supremacists.  In fact, after Charlottesville, Trump said, "I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally."  The media completely deleted that line from coverage, and so the "Fine People Hoax" was born.  The implicit lie was that Rittenhouse was one of those white supremacists whom Trump wouldn't condemn.

On September 30, following a debate during which Biden had again tried to paint Trump as a white supremacist, Biden put out a tweet stating that Trump "refused to disavow white supremacists," along with a video showing Kyle Rittenhouse amidst the Kenosha riots.

Trump was a public figure, so he can't sue; Rittenhouse was not a public figure, so he can.

Then, several months later, a photo emerged of Rittenhouse on January 5 "drinking at a bar and posing for photos with apparent Proud Boys sympathizers."  Even though Biden's defamatory allegations preceded Rittenhouse's contact with the Proud Boys by several months, Psaki fell back on the Fine People Hoax and on that photo with the Proud Boys as she attempted to defend Biden's statements.

Thus, when Peter Doocy asked if Biden would apologize for implying that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, Psaki was ready with her lies and misleading statements:

'President Trump ... didn't just refuse to condemn militia groups on the debate stage he actively encouraged them throughout his presidency,' Psaki replied.

'So what we've seen are the tragic consequences of that — when people think it's okay to take the law into their own hands instead of allowing law enforcement to do its job.'

Psaki continued: 'The president spoke to the verdict last week. He has obviously condemned the hatred and division and violence from groups like the Proud Boys, and obviously that individual has posed in photos with, but beyond that I'll leave it to his comments around the verdict.'

As noted, the Fine People Hoax is one of the biggest Big Lies the left fomented during Trump's presidency, second only to the entire fake Russia Hoax.

And let's talk about that Proud Boys accusation.  The Proud Boys was started as a joke by comedian Gavin McInnes.  The group affirms that Western civilization is superior to other civilizations, an opinion entirely separate from race.  The Proud Boys have engaged in charity events and have stood up to Antifa, an anarcho-Marxist organization that explicitly calls for America's downfall.

The most obvious problem when it comes to claiming that the Proud Boys are "white supremacists" is that, as of 2018, the public face of the group was a Black man, Enrique Tarrio, who we know now was also an FBI informant.  Additionally, John Kinsman, one of the men swept up in a fight with Antifa in New York is married to a Black woman.  I'm not saying the Proud Boys are saints, not at all; I'm just saying they're not white supremacists.  The narrative about the Proud Boys comes straight from the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which labels as "racist" anything that's not hard left.

Finally, Kyle Rittenhouse, who was just out on bail when the Proud Boys photo was taken, now says that then-attorney Lin Wood set up the photo as part of his and John Pierce's alleged bid to use Rittenhouse for promotional purposes.  In addition, although Rittenhouse made the A-OK hand symbol, he has stated that he didn't know that that was associated with white supremacy.

That's a reasonable thing for him to say because he is correct.  Instead, that was a 4Chan joke that only leftists took seriously (because they have no sense of humor), and they never apply it to themselves:

Internet meme.  Source unknown.

The bottom line is that there is no evidence whatsoever that Rittenhouse is or ever was a white supremacist.  Joe Biden maligned him, and Joe Biden's agent, the Psnarky Jen Psaki, tried to cover for her boss with a mixture of deception and nonsense.

As a reminder, if you go here, you'll see a splendid photo of Biden with his buddy Strom Thurmond.  And here's Biden and KKK leader Bob Byrd:

Internet meme.  Source unknown.

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