The Women's March beclowns itself with an almost unbelievable tweet

Leftism is unsustainable.  It's unsustainable economically, although nations must be destroyed before that fundamental truth emerges.  Leftist revolutions also invariably eat their own.  America is now witnessing that cannibalism, and we can only hope the mutually assured destruction of leftism occurs before it succeeds in wrecking America.  Today's Exhibit A showing leftist cannibalism is a perfectly wonderful tweet from the Women's March organization apologizing for offending people with the average dollar amount of its donations.

The Women's March emerged after Trump was accused of "grabbing women by the [vulgarism]."  I listened to the entire recorded conversation, and it was clear that Trump wasn't saying he engaged in that conduct.  Instead, he was making the point that if you're rich and famous, you can get away with anything.  I've always imagined that, had the bus ride during which he was recorded not ended then, he would have added, "At least, that's what Bill Clinton told me."

In any event, an enterprising leftist made herself a symbolic little pink hat and put the pattern online.  And so, the vulgarity of the Women's March was born.  Within a short time, because this was a leftist organization, the anti-Semites came to the fore, dimming the group's luster.

Still, the organization continues to exist, and, as is true for all political organizations, it's constantly sending emails to people begging for money.  In this case, the email apparently informed recipients that they didn't need to send a lot of money.  Really, any amount would do.  But just as a guide, the average amount that supporters sent was $14.92.

Image: The normal people's Thanksgiving.

Because you and I are normal people, we look at that dollar amount and think, "A little less than $15.00" or "I'd rather send my money to Gun Owners of AmericaTunnel to Towers, or the Gary Sinise Foundation."  Leftists, especially feminists, however, are not normal people. They looked at that dollar amount and saw...genocide.

These people don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They see that Thursday as a day of mourning.  They spend the day dressed in sackcloth and ashes, scourging themselves with a whip, and remembering the dead.  (Funnily enough, they never mourn the people whom Native Americans killed because the Native Americans gave as good as they got.  Indeed, the Aztecs tore the hearts out of around 80,000 prisoners for a single coronation.)

Having triggered potential donors, it was up to the Women's March to grovel, and grovel it did:

One of my friends and I like to play a game: he reads headlines to me, and it's up to me to guess whether they're from the news or from the Babylon Bee.  Lately, I'm right about 50% of the time, meaning I'm as accurate as a coin toss.  The nonsense that spews from the left is so ludicrous that I have a hard time distinguishing reality from satire.

You can see what I mean, though, about American leftism imploding.  Because it's built upon victim status, with a constantly swirling hierarchy of race, sex, gender identity, sexual identity, handicapped identity, etc., the one-downmanship will never end.  Someone will always be crying the loudest and getting the full grovel, only for someone else to move ahead in the sweepstakes to determine who is the most pathetic person or group in America.

A revolution built upon fundamental falsehoods, fragility, and insanity cannot long survive.  However, having made such substantial inroads into American culture, especially education, the damage these pathetic, stupid revolutionaries can do to our wonderful country is incalculable — unless they destroy themselves before they destroy the rest of us.

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