Rittenhouse case: How to sort the experts from the liars

Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty.  In legal terms, that differs from being innocent, but in real life, he was always innocent.  Reasonable Americans knew it as soon as the videos, pictures, and eyewitness accounts were broadcast.  The greatness of the American judicial system was on display in that Kenosha courtroom, and so was the corruption of the same system.  The prosecutors didn’t seek justice; they sought a win.  They didn’t try to find the truth; they twisted it to fit their agenda.  They weren’t trying to put a guilty man in prison for his crimes; they were trying to sacrifice the life of an innocent young man to satisfy a mob.  That mob is made up of Democrats, so-called news personalities, and political activists.  Please excuse my redundancy.

Much has already been written about this case.  The facts and the truth are known, and both the experts and the liars have spoken and will speak again and again.  But the liars, often disguised as experts, will never tell you the truth about two things. 

The first is how they feel about what happened in that courtroom.  To each and every liar, they know that had they been in Kyle Rittenhouse’s shoes, they would have wanted the justice system to work exactly as it did in this case.  They have trashed the process, the people, and the product -- and will continue to do so -- but every one of them knows circumstances could have put each of them in similar peril.  No one ever plans or hopes to be put on trial for their very life.  Such a trial is usually the result of just a few minutes, sometimes only a few seconds, of decisions, events, and outcomes; many completely beyond the control of anyone person; that disproportionately shape years into the future, often entire lives.  It could happen to anyone, even those who say they would never put themselves in a situation where it could happen to them. 

The second truth they will never tell you is that the mob is not ‘the American people.’  The mob is not even a majority, and certainly not half of America.  It is a few hundred to a few thousand people, many who are paid Democrat operatives traveling protest to protest and demonstration to demonstration, and all of whom make a lot of noise.  Their favorite word is a vulgarity that serves as a noun, a verb, and an adjective, but is sometimes no part of speech at all.  It starts with an “f”, and has four letters variously depicted by up to seven special symbols, and is more often than not reported as a high-pitched tone called a bleep.  Their collective volume, widespread coverage by the previously-mentioned so-called news personalities, and the destruction they leave in their wake, all give the false impression of greater numbers.  They are but pawns, and their purpose is to frighten the timid and impressionable into compliance with the prevailing Democrat talking points.  Thankfully, the jury members in the Kyle Rittenhouse case were not among the timid and impressionable.

So, if you have difficulty picking out the true experts from the liars among all the commentators, here’s the code:  The experts will say the system worked, and the evidence led to the proper verdict.  The liars will use some variation of one or more of these words or phrases: race, racist, racism, white, white supremacy, white supremacist, vigilante, vigilantism, right, or right wing.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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