Google's Veterans' Day doodle is woke and peculiarly illuminating

For at least a decade, and probably longer, Google has brought a woke edge to the daily doodles it has on its search engine home page.  Its 2021 Veterans' Day doodle was no exception, for it managed to slip a transgender Marine into the mix.  Although silly, it's a useful reminder about how terribly limiting it is to be defined by nothing more than sexuality.

Steven Tette, the artist chosen to draw the doodle, is at least as gifted as Hunter Biden, as well as being an Army veteran.  The image he drew has a certain Grandma Moses–style charm, for it presents people wearing split clothes, with one half representing their military career and the other half showing their civilian lives.

There's a Black man in what I think is an Air Force uniform on his left half, while his right half shows that he's an artist.  I suspect it's a self-portrait.

There's a man who's wearing a Navy uniform on his left and a businessman's suit on his right.  Next to him is a Black woman who's clearly a physician in both the military and in civilian life.

There's the Army vet, obviously from Vietnam, with his half biker's vest and a prosthetic arm.  There's also someone who is in camo, and I have no idea what branch of the military, but who is clearly a skilled pastry chef in private life.

All these figures are either smiling or have a look of happy serenity.  The message is that, whether in the military or out of it, these people have fulfilling lives.  They are well rounded people.  They aren't defined by race or color; they are defined by their abilities.

But then there's that one other figure, the one who makes the whole darn thing look silly. You see, the Marine doesn't have a career outside of the military.  Instead, he wears a dress outside the military.

Image: Google doodle screen grab.

It's unclear whether he's a transvestite or a so-called "transgender."  What's clear, though, is that this pathetic little guy has nothing to offer the world.  He's not creative, like an artist or a chef; he's not a businessperson or a professional; nor is he a retired free spirit, perhaps missing a limb but still out there having fun.  Instead, the only thing that matters about this grim Marine — the only character that's not painted with a happy or serene expression — is his sexuality.

I particularly noticed this because it's something I've been writing about forever when it comes to the LGBTQ+++ movement.  When activists in California first started demanding that LGBTQ+++ people get included in the public-school curricula, it was striking how the people whom the activists highlighted were on the spectrum first, with their accomplishments coming second.

For example, we didn't hear that Alan Turing was a towering figure in the early days of computer science and artificial intelligence — and, oh, by the way, he was also gay.  Instead, the plan was to teach history by saying that Alan Turing was gay and, oh, by the way, he did important things with computers.  Under this pedagogy, people's crowning achievement is their sexuality, with other things mentioned as an afterthought.

And so it is with that sad Marine, surrounded by happy, genuinely accomplished people when his only accomplishment seems to be that he wears a dress in his private time.  What a reductio ad absurdum that is.

It's also a perfect representation of how leftists see people.  They're not multi-dimensional.  They are, instead, one-dimensional figures assigned a certain symbolism and told to stay in that symbolic lane.  It's very sad and, this woke Google doodle unwittingly highlights that fact.

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