If Progressives wanted to start a civil war, what would they do differently?

Are Progressives purposely trying to drive America into a civil war?  It is looking more and more like a serious and fair question.

The Progressives are made up mostly of socialists, Deep State government, and globalists.  They are not stupid, they are not dumb, and they are not irrational.  The Progressives are smart, deceitful, treacherous, conniving, and strategic.  So why does it seem that everything they are doing obviously drives us farther apart?

Over the last twelve months, the Progressives have...

- Committed election fraud and purposely violated numerous state election laws with regard to the 2020 election.

- Kept the J-6 freedom fighters in the Soviet-type gulags of D.C. as if they are political prisoners.  This for the crime of trespassing.

- Forced an experimental vaccine on children from 5 to 12.  We know that natural immunity is much stronger than the supposed vaccine. 

- Created an inflation rate higher than it has been in over 30 years.  Citizens will struggle to afford food, gas, and heating oil this winter. 

- Created gas prices higher than they have been in the last seven years.

- Shut down oil pipelines, forcing unemployment to rise and driving up the price of energy and fuel.

- Made it so America is no longer energy independent, but has made America dependent on other nations for our energy needs.

- Allowed men into girls' bathrooms, even in our public schools.  We know the tragedy that this leads to, yet Progressives still insist on it.

Now the Biden regime is in talks of shutting down yet another pipeline, this one from Canada into Michigan.  This will absolutely create more energy shortages for the heating of our homes and also cause higher costs this winter.

- Allowed over 1 million illegal aliens into our country over the last twelve months.

- Floated giving some illegal aliens up to $450,000 per person and $1 million per home of taxpayer money — rewarded for committing a crime with our tax dollars.

- Gotten the attorney general's office and FBI involved in intimidating soccer moms who speak out at school board meetings.  Attorney General Merrick Garland called these parents domestic terrorists for not wanting the lies of Critical Race Theory taught to their children.

- Allowed deadly riots to occur in the summer of 2020, but hypocritically called the  election integrity march in Washington on J-6 an insurrection and treason.  The J-6 prisoners are still imprisoned.

- Referred to white men who support the Second Amendment as white supremacists.

- Forced vaccines on government workers or they lose their jobs.

- Forced the vaccine on soldiers or they are relieved of duty.

- Lied and deceived about the effectiveness of "the jab," because it is now clear that it is much more of a therapeutic than a vaccine.  But they still lie about its effectiveness.

- Covered up Dr. Fauci's role in working with the Chinese government in creating this China Virus that is now  transmittable among humans.  Fauci had a major role, but the government covers this up.

- Pushed the lies of Critical Race Theory indoctrination, which divides America by skin color.  Because of the Progressives, the words, ideas, and intent of Dr. Martin Luther King are now considered racist.

- Marginalized and belittled people of faith.  They appear to drive a wedge between evangelicals and secularists.  If Progressives try to shut down the churches again, there will be problems.

The policies of the Progressives, whether they are socialists, globalists, or the Deep State, are going to create huge shortages this winter.  They must know this.  Food, energy, heating, and housing are in shorter and shorter supply.  We all know where this leads to.  We whisper it, but we know.

Biden promised to bring us all back together, but it is clear that he and the Progressives have driven us farther apart.  Was this their intent?

A history professor one time said that citizens rarely risk getting shot in the head by government soldiers.  The only thing to cause them to take such risks is if they and their families are starving, freezing, and without shelter.  Hopefully, prayerfully, the Progressives will decide they have gone too far and will begin to put the citizens of America first.  Hopefully, prayerfully, the Progressives will not goad the "unwashed" into a violent winter.  Otherwise, history tells us, this can go badly, and  quickly, and last much longer than people think.  Hopefully, the Progressives do not really want this to happen.

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