Chip Roy schools Jerry Nadler

I love living in the great state of Florida.  Our fine governor, Ron DeSantis, has made living with the COVID pandemic as tolerable as possible.  He is a logical, no-nonsense man who is unwilling to entertain the droppings of the media or the execrable spin that so many of our nation's politicians place upon the events of the day.  I think he will make a fine president someday.  But there are times I wish I lived in Texas, specifically the 21st Congressional District, represented by Congressman Chip Roy.

Watching Rep. Roy school the loathsome Rep. Jerry Nadler on the actual meaning and intent of the Second Amendment is well worth the time. 

Nadler, buffoon that he is, seems only to be interested in limiting Roy's remarks.  But the Texas congressman reminds Nadler and the rest of us that the Second Amendment was not written merely to protect the rights of hunters, and certainly not penned to make the acquisition of firearms easier for those bent on criminal activities, though both may be actual results of the law.  No, the Second Amendment was written to guarantee a citizen's God-given rights when confronted with tyranny.

It is not even a thinly veiled truth that for dictators and despots to govern, or more accurately to reign, they must be dealing with a disarmed population.  Imagine if any of the nations ruled by tyrants throughout history had possessed an armed populace.  The sagas of those oppressors would have been short and would not have ended well for the miscreant leaders.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting season.  It is not about firing range target practice.  It was written to be a constant reminder to our nation's leaders that any migration from lawful governance toward unlawful tyranny would likely be met with legal armed resistance.  Therefore, politicians who disparage gun rights must fall into one of two categories; clueless, misguided fools, or ambitious tyrants.  Nadler represents both of these groups.  He is an astoundingly arrogant, fork-tongued biped swamp creature, lacking the common sense to come in out of the rain.

Congressman Roy has not been an ardent defender of Donald Trump.  The former aide to Sen. Ted Cruz was openly against the attempts to decertify the 2020 presidential election, which were often led by his former boss.  He accurately compares his and Cruz's differences to those occasions when Clarence Thomas and the late Antonin Scalia were on different sides of an argument; they may have disagreed on an individual issue, but their mutual respect and affection never waned, and their commitment to conservative themes never wavered.

So it is with Roy and Cruz, and hopefully with Roy and Trump.  Congressman Roy has passed the test as a staunch defender of one of our most basic and necessary rights.  I commend him for those efforts.  I wish he were my congressman.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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