Republicans made incredible gains in yesterday's elections

I'm writing this around 4 A.M. Eastern on Tuesday, which means that, by the time you read this, there may have been stunning new gains or unpleasant, surprising losses.  What's clear, though, is that we're not witnessing a repeat of November 2020.  Instead, Republicans seem to be beating back Democrats, and leftist ideas, in myriad elections.  I'll have a few points to make about that unusual achievement, but first a handful of facts.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has an unbeatable lead in Virginia.  Winsome Sears became Virginia's first Black and female lieutenant governor.  Normally, I wouldn't care about a candidate's race or sex, but it matters this time because she is a Republican.  It's a huge slap in the face to those who insist that Republicans are White supremacists.  Sears is also a former Marine, which just makes it all better.

Jason Miyares became Virginia's first Hispanic attorney general.  He's a Republican (of course).

As of now, it also appears that the Republican victories in Virginia might not stop there.  Seemingly, Republicans are poised to win the House of Delegates.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli is has a microscopic lead in the gubernatorial race against the incumbent Phil Murphy (one of America's most deadly governors in 2020 when it came to shipping infected COVID patients to eldercare communities).

In Minneapolis, sanity prevailed, and voters rejected an initiative that would have deleted the entire police force.

In Buffalo, New York, we get this gleeful little bit of news from Paul Mirengoff: "the socialist crackpot who defeated the incumbent mayor in the Dem primary is losing to the same guy, running as a write-in candidate, in the general election."

There's more news, but it's changing rapidly, and I want to get to my profound points.  The first point comes courtesy of screen grabs showing New Jersey and Virginia shortly after 4 A.M.:

Geographically, neither state is a blue state.  Virginia is mostly a red state.  New Jersey, although not quite as red, is still geographically more red than it is blue.  This echoes the election maps from 2016 showing that, geographically, America is a conservative country with blue spots wherever there's a big city.

The problem in election after election is that the city-dwellers are more likely to vote.  (Or at least, corrupt Democrat operatives are more likely to vote on behalf of city-dwellers.)  Outside of the cities, people are busy with life and can't be bothered — or they don't care that much because they are usually less affected by government initiatives.

In 2020, multiple factors were at play to throw elections to Democrats:

  1. The election was the culmination of four years of non-stop completely fake and totally defamatory media stories against Trump.
  2. The Democrats, with substantial help from Anthony Fauci, weaponized COVID against Trump.
  3. The entire Democrat establishment — news media, social media, the political class — propped up Joe Biden, hiding his fecklessness, stupidity, and dementia, as well as his son's moral and financial corruption (and, please note, the financial corruption arose because Biden used his perverted son as a bagman for Biden's own graft).
  4. And then there was the cheating.  Lots and lots of cheating.  Dead voters, imaginary voters, midnight ballot shipments, duplicate voters, Zuckerberg-funded precincts, and so much more.

All those factors saw the Democrats gain a minimal majority in the House, manage a tie in the Senate (with a Democrat veep as the tiebreaker), and place the aforementioned rotten carcass of Joe Biden into the Oval Office.  From that barely-there victory, Democrats immediately began to govern as if the American people had given them a mandate.  For ten months, every day has been a leftist wish-list day:

  • unlimited illegal immigration,
  • the destruction of a thriving energy sector (along with plans for costly regulations),
  • soaring, intentional inflation,
  • annoying mask mandates,
  • devastating vaccination mandates,
  • internal attacks on the military,
  • Critical Race Theory and nonstop racial division,
  • transgender perversions for children,
  • incredibly unequal justice for the January 6 defendants,
  • the disastrous Afghanistan pullout, and
  • Biden's repeated humiliations overseas.

These are all issues voters care about right now.  For better or worse, most have moved beyond Trump.  Meanwhile, China, a brutal, totalitarian nation, struts on the world stage.

Tuesday's elections showed that Democrats do not have a mandate.  When Americans see Democrats in action, they hate what they see.  (We hope more congresscritters than Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema pay attention to this fact.)

We also learned what might be the most important thing of all: conservatives can win if people outside the cities will vote.  If enough rural and suburban voters make the effort, Republicans can achieve victories beyond the margin of Democrats' cheating.  It's just a shame that it takes the Democrats putting America on the verge of collapse for so many good, intelligent, and conservative Americans to get to the polls.

Image: Glenn Youngkin.  YouTube screen grab.

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