Decoding Republican victory in Virginia and close race in New Jersey

New Jersey and Virginia have been strong Democrat bastions for quite some time.  Republican presidential candidates usually do not even bother to waste their time and money campaigning in these states.  Republican candidates enter any electoral race in these states with the knowledge that defeat is almost inevitable.

Last year, Joe Biden won both these states in a landslide.

However, the tables have turned and rather drastically now.

Republican Glenn Youngkin has triumphed over former governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, while Republican Jack Ciatterelli is in a very close contest with New Jersey's Gov. Phil Murphy.

The following are some of the major reasons for Republican victories in no particular order of importance:

Democrat Obsession with Identity Politics

The goal of confronting racism ostensibly is to facilitate equality — i.e., to have a society where people are to be judged not by the color of their skin, but solely by the content of their character and their abilities.

However, the Democrats dedicated a lot of their campaigns to focusing on race.  They thought they could appease minorities by playing the race card to demonize the majority demographic.

They almost suggested that every Caucasian is a White supremacist and a neo-Nazi.  They took it one step farther by attempting to criminalize their opposition by calling them domestic terrorists.  Terms such as "systemic racism" were used casually when they do not exist anywhere to push the narrative of "White privilege."

If you are White, you do not like being perpetually characterized as a predator, and if you belong to any minority group, you do not like being portrayed as the helpless victim.

In the end, the objective of every individual, irrespective of race, is to live a life of dignity by earning a good living.  People do not care about issues such as race. 

The basic principle of sales is that you cannot sell products by insulting a large segment of your customer base.  The Democrats foolishly did exactly that and were rejected.

Democrat Authoritarianism Driven by Misusing COVID-19

Through their propaganda outfits, they managed to convince a section of voters that President Trump was responsible for all the problems associated with COVID-19 and that they would fix it all immediately.

However, it soon became apparent that COVID-19 was being misused to restrict myriad basic civil liberties for prolonged periods of time.

Regular people were restricted from movement and going to places of worship.  They were denied medical treatment because hospitals and doctors were overwhelmed with COVID-19 issues.  Masks are mandatory for all, including school-going children.  Studies have shown that prolonged wearing of masks can be detrimental to health.

The closure of economic activity due to COVID-19 and the loss of employment due to vaccine mandates caused great suffering among working-class people that included blacks and other minorities.

The forced vaccine mandates for government employees have disrupted essential services such as law enforcement and fire brigade.  It was reported that 2,000 New York City firefighters are on sick leave as the vaccine mandate takes effect.  Nearly one-third of Chicago's almost 13,000-member police department has so far refused to register their vaccination status, putting them on track for dismissal.  

Regular people also saw those in positions of power who made these rules violate them in their personal lives and suffer no consequences for it.

This was a mandate against the misuse of COVID-19.

Emphatic Rejection of Joe Biden

Through their propaganda outfits, the Democrats managed to convince their voters that President Trump was the problem owing to his rude tweets.  Once Biden was in, he would restore civility while retaining Trump's prosperity.

A year later, the U.S. is plagued with various never-before-seen crises under Biden.

There is record inflation; gasoline prices have risen; the supply chain crisis means that regular people may not be able to buy basic essential items; the IRS wants to monitor bank transactions; and the border is unattended, leading to an influx of illegal aliens.  The Biden administration is considering $450K payments to illegal migrants separated at the border.  Afghanistan is volatile, while China is emboldened.

Why would anybody want a governor who belongs to the same party and who subscribed to the same ideology?

Commonsense Campaigning by Republicans

While Democrats were busy playing the race card and used their allies to stage false flag operations to link Republicans to White supremacists.

The Republicans maintained a calm demeanor and focused on the issues that mattered.

They campaigned on respecting freedom, easing COVID-19 restrictions, boosting the economy by cutting taxes and easing regulations for small businesses, and empowering parents to make the right choices for their children. 

They also rejected divisive issues such as teaching gender identity studies and Critical Race Theory to young children, which the Democrats vociferously championed.

Democrats are so lost in their luxury echo chambers that they simply do not comprehend the basic issues that matter to regular people.

President Trump

After the hysteria of having a Democrat in the White House died down, many voters, including Democrats, realized that President Trump's policies helped them.

They enabled empowerment through economic prosperity, which cut across all demographic groups.  Illegal immigration was controlled.  The hegemony of China was challenged, ISIS was defeated in the Middle East, and peace treaties were signed between Israel and Arab nations.  The world was a peaceful place.  Trump rebuilt the armed forces but did not enter into gratuitous wars.

McAuliffe and Murphy attempted to paint their Republican challengers as puppets of Donald Trump.  But Trump's endorsements proved to be an asset, not a liability.

A Rejection of Wokeness

Democrats were the pioneers of the woke culture that has devolved into complete insanity. 

Wokeness is actually a euphemism for totalitarianism, where the woke liberals order whom they see as unwashed masses to follow their world view on crime, the environment, government spending, voting, ideology, etc.

The Democrats also have led the culture of canceling people — i.e. rendering people unemployed and unemployable — for a mere difference of opinion. 

They are against freedom of expression when the opinions are contrary to theirs. 

They have infiltrated educational institutes and made them into bastions of left-wing propaganda.

They are often seen promoting socialism and Marxism without comprehending the consequences these ideas have for society.

Defunding the police, the "Green New Deal," and amnesty or ending the detention of people coming across our southern border illegally are their central issues, which they talk about relentlessly with pride.

All of the above does not matter to most regular people.  The rejection of Democrats can be seen as a rejection of wokeness.

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