Biden's rope-a-dope autocracy

The American public can't seem to pay attention to more than one or two things at a time, and the extreme leftists are using our lack of ability to multi-task effectively.  By bombarding us relentlessly with bad news, our ever-pragmatic autocrats keep us all off balance.  Meanwhile, the administration just lies back on the ropes, bobbing and weaving a bit to keep from getting hit too hard, with ample assistance from the media and tech.  And so, the world turns, and our country is diminished and weakened.  If we're not careful to avoid the trap, we lose hope for the future.

They've spoon-fed us alarmism over COVID while deflecting all factual information.  Just relentless jabs at us to get the shot, the booster, do our duty.  The complicit media push it, especially the ever-useful idiots at local news and certain cable "news" stations, without their robot-newsreaders ever questioning what's on the teleprompter.

They don't mention that the death count this year, after the evil jab, is higher than last and that their "solution" doesn't work — in fact, it makes things worse because not only are COVID deaths up drastically, especially among the vaccinated, but all-cause deaths are up 20% in all the places that monitor that statistic.  Again, this is in places that are heavily vaccinated.  What may be worse is that other countries that once reliably followed our lead are also doubling down on stupid all on their own (Austria, Australia).

Our government flacks ask, and our mediabots answer "yes, master."  They abandon news that doesn't please their bosses and move on, deflecting to the next juicy story.  The trial of a "dangerous right-wing gun nut who (gasp!) crossed state lines" in Wisconsin occupied us for a while — until they didn't get the required result.  And then there was the quickly forgotten "tragedy caused by an SUV" a few towns away.  Oops!

No matter — all that news of the trial served to take our attention for a while.  Heard anything about our ongoing border chaos and immigrant problems lately?  No?  It's all still happening.

Then there's inflation and the upcoming holidays.  They pretend it's transitory, caused by forces beyond our control, beyond our ability to fix the problem or to alleviate the concomitant supply chain or fuel price crises.  They can simply put the word out to their mediabots, and, like magic, we turn from a superpower country to a helpless, weak economy, unable to stand on our own.

Image: Manny Pacquiao's Rope-A-Dope.  YouTube screen grab.

Never mind that we're printing money as though it's Venezuela, which is what's causing the mess!  Never mind that we've systematically closed down business, production, even public safety in the name of, um...oh yeah, COVID safety.

They disdain our intelligence so much that they thought releasing some of our strategic oil reserves would be a good idea.  After all, it served two purposes.  One, to deflect our attention from the fact that Biden already had released a bunch of our reserve — to China and India.  Two, it was supposed to give everyone a bit of a break over the holiday, lowering prices a bit at the pump as a sop to the hapless citizen who has to drive to Grandma's for dinner.

If we noticed that it didn't work (and believe me — they were too stupid to realize in advance that we might), that it didn't lower prices, they simply ignored it.  The mediabots also ignored the bigger issue there, that it's our strategic oil reserve, meant for times of war and trouble, that got released for headlines.

We know it's all purposeful, that they'll do anything to further the green agenda, pie-in-the-sky as it is.  Producing fossil fuels and relying on them doesn't fit the meme.  They'll just bob and weave — at least until the fuel bill for heating our homes gets delivered and people start dying in frozen misery from not being able to pay that bill with their un-adjusted-for-inflation paychecks that also need to stretch to buy food and necessities.  And then they'll broadcast another reason why it's not their fault.

Constant stress is a sure pathway to ill health, and our inept and dangerous government is relentlessly keeping us stressed.  Leftists must keep us off balance and individually weak.  That way, they can slip in the meat of their agenda.  Vaccine passports, social control, pitting one segment of society against another, fomenting hate, chaos, and disharmony are all vehicles to dissolve this once great country into something they can profit from.  It's pretty simple: they are power-mad rats who want the money, the control, period.  Citizenry be damned!

They tell us it's for the greater good, no matter that none of it makes sense if you open your eyes.  Despite loud warnings from those who have been there, done that, and run away from despotic societies — run to this once-free country — we're on an unimpeded roll toward the imposition of autocratic rule.  The warnings are not heeded, because all means of amplification have been taken away from anyone who doesn't toe the party line.

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