'Stop complaining about Bidenflation!'

What if …

It's early 1930, a few months after the October stock market crash.  Throughout the United States, millions of Americans have lost their life savings and job, and they might soon find themselves homeless as they are unable to pay the rent or mortgage.  Things have become so dire that parents are going without meals just so their children can eat.  It's a frightening time, but on the radio, several Democrat voices are telling Americans to suck it up.

We had the fantastic Roaring Twenties where most everyone was making a lot of money.  Use that money to buy your food and pay the rent.  Stop complaining about what is happening now.

Does that sound ridiculous?  Well, that is exactly what some Democrats are doing today.  On November 14, in a Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake" riff, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said on NBC's Sunday Morning:

The dirty little secret here, Willie (Geist), while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so.  Household savings hit a record high over the pandemic, we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend.

A few days later, Joy Reid supported Ruhle's belief that Americans simply need to spend the money they saved during the pandemic crisis when they didn't go anywhere or do anything.

Image: Internet meme.  Origin unknown.

More recently, Ruhle insisted in a tweet that businesses do not have to pass along cost increases to their customers.  (Democrats need an Economics 101 course.)

More recently, Ruhle insisted in a tweet that businesses do not have to pass along cost increases to their customers. (Democrats need an Economics 101 course.)

It's probably just a matter of time before these Marxist-leaning Democrats offer practical "suggestions" to help Americans deal with rampant Bidenflation:

  • Nostalgia: In a nod to the 1970s, eat only on even days.
  • Have it your way: At fast food restaurants, ask for extra ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise packets with every order.
  • Lower caloric intake: Divide one can of SpaghettiOs into equal portions to feed your entire family.
  • Free meals: Register for investment seminars to get a free lunch or dinner.
  • Clearance items: Ask if your local dollar store (make that your local "Dollar and a Quarter Store") has a clearance section.
  • 31 Samples: Ask to taste all 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors.
  • Sanitizer wipes: Many stores have sanitary wipes at entrances; grab a few dozen on your way out.
  • Celebrate at Costco: Hold your child's birthday party at the Costco food court — everyone gets one hot dog and drink.

I have just one practical suggestion: vote Republican in 2022 to stop Marxist-leaning Democrat insanity!

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