When did the Babylon Bee start writing headlines for the Washington Post?

The headline that appeared at the top of the following tweet from the Washington Post, about the massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin, appeared to have been written by the Babylon Bee.  What you see is a screen grab saved by a blogger who writes under the title "Dan from Squirrel Hills' Blog" because the WaPo is still (barely) capable of shame and took it down.

The "tragedy" (not "attack") was caused by the SUV.  

Forget about blaming Darrell Brooks; he's a Black man and therefore cannot be blamed for anything he does.  Apparently, the WaPo has such contempt for African Americans that they have no personal agency.  They are merely the accompaniment to the actions of the machines they use.  The machines are the responsible party.  How dehumanizing is that!

This vanished tweet is not some troll making fun of the WaPo.  It is real.

Fortunately, the internet archive has a copy of the tweet at this link:


Dan notes that not only is attribution of causality to an inanimate object insane, but it is also ungrammatical:

Also, since "SUV" is pronounced as "ess yoo vee," the correct article is "an," not "a." At least, that's what I remember being taught when I was in elementary school back in the 1970s. Was my teacher wrong? Is my memory wrong? Have the rules of grammar been changed? Or is the Washington Post being run by people who don't know the basic rules of grammar?

A wag whose identity is unknown to me put up a graphic on Facebook that aptly satirized the WaPo's view:

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman.

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