Biden is very confused as to who is gouging

Joe Biden started the rampant rise in energy prices the day he took office by blocking a pipeline and banning federal-lands drilling.

As prices started rising, the first talking points said the price rise was transitional.  As prices continued to rise and stay up, we were told the rise was due to Biden's great policies that have caused demand to rise rapidly.  Then the blame was pushed onto OPEC and Russia.  Finally, as prices have stayed high and are causing great harm, and as Biden's poll numbers have dropped as fast as the New Year's ball at Time Square, Biden now says the price rise is due to gouging by the American oil companies.  He has ordered the FTC to start a witch hunt, which will be as fruitful as all the previous witch hunts around rising prices of oil.

Biden, like Obama, never takes the blame for anything he does.  He knows that the media will go along.  Biden always blames anyone but himself or the destructive Democrat policies for everything that goes wrong, which is almost everything.

If Biden or anyone really cared about gouging, he would look at companies whose sales price greatly exceeded their direct cost of the product.  That is the gross profit margin.

Here is a sample of some companies' gross margins:

Comcast, NBC gross profit margin 65.69%

Viacom CBS gross profit margin around 40%

Twitter gross profit margin 63.23%

Google 53.53%

Microsoft's latest twelve months gross profit margin is 68.9%.

Apple gross margin 43.3%

Facebook 80.58%

Exxon Average gross margin 20.04%

Chevron Average gross profit 26.53%

These companies with high profit margins and profits use their powerful positions and money to buy out or destroy competitors, which is pure greed and dangerous.

Why do media companies continually raise their advertising rates, which especially harm the poor and middle class, when their profit margins are already so high?  Isn't that pure greed by the company and their talking heads?  The powerful, rich companies and powerful career politicians can afford the high rates.  Small companies and most political challengers can't.  The media and other Democrats claim to care greatly about the wealth gap and income gap, but most of their policies and actions compound the problem.

So why does Biden go after the oil companies instead of the companies that have so much pricing power that they can make a huge gross profit margin?  The answer is that they go along with the leftists' desire to destroy oil and coal companies. 

What do all the media outlets, CEOs, entertainers, scientists, bureaucrats, educators, and politicians who are seeking to destroy the oil and coal companies have in common?  Not one of them has ever shown any scientific evidence to show a direct link between oil and coal usage and temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity because there is none.  Facts haven't mattered for a long time as radical leftists seek to remake and destroy America.

As Biden's and other Democrats' poll numbers drop, significantly because of high gas prices and overall inflation, the campaign workers at Washington Post, posing as journalists, decided to put out a piece of propaganda to intentionally mislead the public that high inflation is necessary to prevent mass unemployment.  It is as if their knowledge of economics history began in 2021.

Under Trump's policies of reduced regulation, lower taxes, and energy independence, the U.S. had high demand; record low unemployment; rising wages, especially for the less educated and lower-income workers; record-low poverty; and low inflation.  He did that with the WaPo, most of the media, and other Democrats seeking to destroy him every day.

Now most of the media, Biden, and other  Democrats are seeking to destroy and reverse Trump's successful policies, and we get disastrous inflation, so the media have to mislead that the cause is something other than the Democrats' big government policies to destroy the country as they move toward socialism.

Inflation is bad but mass unemployment would be worse

I have two questions about pieces of the slush funds the media and other Democrats are pushing for and how they will reduce inflation:

Why aren't battery manufacturers and car companies responsible for placing battery-charging stations throughout the country instead of taxpayers since they are the ones who will profit?  After all, the oil companies and the private sector built the gas stations, truck stops, and convenience stores, not the government.  If the private sector had to pay for the charging stations, it would seek to control costs.  The government will demand that its special interest groups build the stations, and they won't care how much they cost the taxpayers, which will inflate the costs, not reduce them.

How did the women's unemployment rate get to record lows without the universal daycare Democrats are proposing?  When the government throws massive amounts of money at something, the cost goes up, not down.  The daycare providers will have a captive audience, with the government providing much of the money, and will have no incentive to hold down costs.  As with Obamacare, where the Democrats promised much lower premiums, the prices skyrocketed.  It is pure fiction when politicians and others claim that "free" stuff will lower inflation.  Nothing is free!  They just transfer who pays for it.

For the next three years, as each election is coming up, we will hear, from most of the media, as they campaign for Democrats, how great the leftist policies are for the American people.  If polls stay low, the people will be told they are stupid and listening to or reading the wrong information sources.  Therefore, the attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with the move toward massive government control and socialism will ratchet up as they claim to want to unite the country.  The race and sex cards will continue to be played. 

The complicit media are much more damaging to election integrity in the U.S than anything Russia, China, or Iran has ever done to us.  We will collapse from within if the Democrats get their way. 

The people should pray that the oil companies, which greatly improved the quality and length of life, survive, or the U.S. will soon be a shadow of itself. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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