Biden caught sleeping (both literally and metaphorically)

During the 2020 presidential election, President Trump nicknamed his rival Biden "Sleepy Joe."

Noted cartoonist and author Scott Adams coined the term "linguistic kill shot."  He means where the attacker highlights the weakness of the target by branding him with a terse and unique combination of catchy words that are also funny.

It is also important that the words are constantly repeated to create a lasting impression across the board. The goal is to alter the perception of the target irrevocably.

President Trump has successfully used this tool of persuasion to alter perceptions of the likes of Jeb Bush, who was branded "low energy."  His nickname "Crooked Hillary" helped cement the perception against Hillary Clinton of a mendacious, phony, self-serving, and corrupt career politician.

Sleepy Joe was a euphemism for a man whose cognitive abilities were rapidly declining.  It may not have worked as effectively as it should have during the 2020 elections because Joe spent most of his time hiding in his basement.  But it was literally proved true when Biden appeared to have fallen asleep during his meeting with the new Israeli leader Naftali Bennett back in September.

Yesterday, Biden once again proved President Trump's nickname to be prophetic when he appeared to doze off while listening to celebrated Black gay South African activist, humanitarian, and public intellectual Eddie Ndopu.

Ndopu was in the process of warning his audience that global warming may prevent "our ability to grow food and even to survive."

Biden's eyelids drooped for the long spell as Ndopu said, "I call on you to commit to concrete actions to stop the destruction of this magnificent planet."

The clip was shared  on Twitter by Washington Post reporter Zach Brown with the caption "Biden appears to fall asleep during COP26 opening speeches."

It is nothing short of astounding that a Washington Post reporter shared a clip that made his boss's ally Joe Biden look bad.  We must all worry about the career prospects of Mr. Brown.  This is another example of how people get carried away on social media and forget what is good for them.

Perhaps Biden was resting his eyes, as Sherlock Holmes often did when Holmes wanted his attention undivided because he was presented with a compelling case.  Holmes didn't want the visuals before his eyes to distract him.

Perhaps it was jetlag.  We have all experienced this when we travel to countries in a different time zone.  Our sleep routine is disturbed, and we find ourselves nodding off during the day.

It is amusing to watch a leader fall asleep at a conference about issues he claims to take very seriously.  It can happen to the best among us.  However, what is serious is the myriad catastrophes that Biden is presiding over.

The forced vaccine mandates for government employees have disrupted many essential services.  It was reported that 2,000 New York City firefighters are on sick leave as the vaccine mandate takes effect.  Nearly one-third of Chicago's almost 13,000-member police department have so far refused to register their vaccination status, putting them on track for dismissal.  There have to be myriad such instances all over the country of firefighters and policemen willing to give up their jobs because they do not want to be compelled to take the vaccine.  The consequences of this are grave.

American Airlines canceled more than 1,600 flights over the weekend, citing weather and staff issues.  These mass cancellations come after some employees have protested the company's COVID vaccine mandate.  This has caused experts to attribute the cancelations to the vaccine reluctance of employees.

America's economic recovery following the pandemic has encountered an unexpected and huge speed bump as inflation has skyrocketed to a rate of 5.4% year on year.  This means that the prices of essential items and services have gone up, making it tough for consumers during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Those wealthy enough not to suffer due to inflation may also suffer simply because the supply chain crisis means that commodities may not be available in supermarkets and shops.

The illegal alien crisis has caused the country to be flooded with poor and uneducated aliens who will add to the burden on the taxpayer.  There have been reports that these migrants are being secretly transported to various other parts of the country during the night.  Instead of fixing the border, the Biden administration is considering $450K payments to illegal migrants separated at the border.

Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has left that country more volatile than an overturned beehive and has undone progress after the U.S. spent 20 years and 5.8 trillion dollars.  This has emboldened China to act very provocatively toward Taiwan.

Parents who are interested in their children's welfare and education are being branded as domestic terrorists.  Political opponents are being demonized as white nationalists and terrorists.

There are plans to allow the IRS to monitor bank accounts for cash flows of more than $600 in deposits or transactions.

Vaccines are being forced on citizens, perhaps even the very young.

The fact that people all over the nation are chanting "F--- Joe Biden" is ample proof that the people are losing their patience.

To sum it up, the value of your wealth has gone down, essential goods may be unavailable, illegal aliens may infiltrate your neighborhood and soon diminish the value of your vote, your financial transactions will be monitored, vaccines are being forced, and services such as law enforcement and the fire brigade may be scarce.

Unless you are Hunter Biden, whose paintings now sell at a price higher than works of masters such as Claude Monet and Degas, you have every reason to be angry.

While we should give Biden the benefit of doubt for falling asleep during a boring speech at the climate change conference, Americans are perfectly entitled to be angry and upset over Biden falling asleep at the wheel instead of leading the country.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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