Americans must find common ground

I have a practical progressive friend who is moderate on some issues.  Not all leftists who agree with the Black Lives Matter movement necessarily want law enforcement dismantled and defunded.  Despite separate perspectives, we agree on the need for police as indispensable for social cohesion.  She's one of the folks within my nonpartisan coalition I've nicknamed "leftists with sense" on matters that other progressives bitterly reject.

We differ on some major issues, notably private citizens possessing AR-15s and similar rifles.  She feels it's absolutely unacceptable but doesn't oppose pistol ownership after mandatory background checks and training.

My take on the Second Amendment is summed up by supporting "constitutional carry," where handguns can be concealed or open carried without a state-issued firearms permit.  I hasten to note that none other than U.S. senator Bernie Sanders's state of Vermont, a very leftist locale, is nonetheless a constitutional carry state.  I have the temerity to desire that this natural right will be recognized one day as the law in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia.

I find solid common ground with my practical progressive friend on opposing authoritarianism from either political party, notably the vaccine mandates that Democrats, ranging from President Biden to our recently re-elected mayor, have imposed on the people under their control.

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Setting aside the great divide over abortion, bodily autonomy advocacy has united segments from both major ideologies at an amazing rate.  This single issue is what added this woman to my nonpartisan coalition of contrarians and truth-tellers.

Another common ground issue is our passion for ensuring that low-income residents get effective legal representation.  Average Americans don't have politically connected lawyers on retainer or lobbyists negotiating public policy in their favor.  This is where advocates from varied backgrounds can improve delivering justice for people overlooked by powers that be.  The experience of the January 6 prisoners has made this problem visible to a much larger segment of society than before.

There is a universe of agreement awaiting anyone who thinks outside narrow partisanship.  While legitimate philosophical differences exist, broad concerns about civil liberties and the standard of living can't be resolved by spouting partisan talking points.  It'll take cooperation, and that means finding common ground.  I found common ground with my practical progressive friend during a recent local election while working on the same campaign.

Common ground is a welcome alternative to sandstorms of conflict swirling in legislative chambers and online comment threads.

Nadra Enzi AKA Cap Black.  Writer/Commentator on Liberation and Liberty.  #ActualSuperHeroForLiberty Advocate.  #HaltHunger Organizer.

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