A Dallas clinic pushing transgenderism is scaling back big-time.

Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas had a child together, a boy they named James. That boy became the center of a legal fight when Anne decided that James was really a girl, something Jeffrey argued James himself vehemently denied when away from Anne. Jeffrey ultimately lost the fight (as did James, of course). The ace in the hole for Anne was the “Gender Affirming Care Program” at Children’s Health in Dallas (aka GENECIS). Now, though, that program has stopped its practice of treating young children with hormones. It’s too late to save James, but perhaps other children will be spared the horrors of a gaggle of obsessed practitioners using innocent children to play out their own psychological dramas.

In August 2020, I wrote about the James saga as the court was still determining who would get custody and control of James. (Sadly, Anne ultimately won.) For purposes of this post, I’ll repeat here what I wrote about the Children’s Health clinic that ended up affecting James’s life so significantly:

This program is not in the business of recognizing that young children try on different identities and cycle through different interests. Instead, it is dedicated to using therapy and radical hormone treatments to push the dangerous fantasy that people can "become" the opposite sex:

GENECIS provides comprehensive, gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse youth in a supportive and safe environment so they may live fulfilling lives within their families and communities.


We support youth of all gender expressions and identities, and provide evidence-based, gender-affirming care in a supportive and safe environment. Gender identity is unique for every child and may be different from the sex assigned to them at birth. Our care is individualized and developed through collaboration with patients and their families.

In this regard, it's important to understand that this is all bunk. There is no evidence to support any reality behind gender dysphoria, any more than there is evidence to say that emaciated girls with anorexia are fat because they think they are. Just recently, a major study had to be walked back because its claims about so-called "transgenderism" were unfounded.

As for Rebekka Ouer, the child's therapist, her whole practice is centered on affirming the so-called LGBT spectrum, as if the sexual desires of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals (a behavior) are the same as traumatized people's body dysmorphia (a denial of biological reality). It's not unreasonable that someone like that would work with a little boy whose mother is determined to make him the daughter she never had. (Understand that I am not accusing Ouer of malpractice or being evil. Between the bias of her professional background and Georgulas's determination, Ouer never stood a chance.)

Image: Transgender rights protest, London, by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona. Unsplash license.

Late last week, the anti-transgender, pro-woman website Women Are Human, reported that GENECIS is no longer providing hormonal treatments to young children:

“We accept new patients for diagnosis, including evaluation of gender dysphoria, but will not initiate patients on hormone or puberty suppression therapy for only this diagnosis,” the clinic announced following the closure.

The gender clinic’s closure came amidst growing public outrage in Texas, the country and around the world about known and unknown effects of using experimental drugs on children.

This is exceptionally good news. Nothing has changed in the pediatric field when it comes to alleged transgenderism. As it was then, so it is now: The literature simply assumes transgenderism is real and busies itself with treatment modalities.

Women Are Human has some additional information about studies proving that the entire field is fraudulent:

The long-term Canadian study “A Follow-Up Study of Boys With Gender Identity Disorder,” which used the largest sample to date of boys referred to clinics for gender dysphoria, found that most study participants desisted over time and accepted themselves as boys. The groundbreaking research was published in March in the peer-viewed journal Frontiers in Psychology.

The same article lists several other large studies showing that, while transgenderism is not real, the industry that has developed around it genuinely harms children.

As with so many initiatives that the left is pushing, we are engaging in a vast experiment that has no scientific support and that is causing irreversible damage in so many lives. Thankfully, one purveyor in that industry is cutting back on the dangerous hormone treatments it was providing, which is good for all children in the Dallas metropolitan area.

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