A Dallas judge is forcing a man to pay for his son's 'sex transition'

This story takes place in Texas, of all places: in October 2019, Americans learned about Jeffrey Younger's desperate fight to block his ex-wife from trying to turn their then-seven-year-old son into a girl.  A jury tried to hand sole custody and decision-making over to the boy's mother, but a judge stepped in and gave both parents an equal say, with a different judge to render a verdict over any disagreements the parents could not resolve.  That second judge has now given sole decision-making power to the mother, who wants to try to turn her son into a girl.  To add insult to injury, the judge is making the father pay.

To realize how disturbing this case is, there are several things you need to know.  Younger has argued that, when the boy is in his company, all he wants to do is be a boy.  Younger makes the point that, just because James likes Frozen, that does not mean he wants to be a princess for life.  Anne Georgulas, however, has gone the "therapeutic" route and inundated the jury and the new judge with evidence from therapists.

Few people have paid attention to the identity of these therapists, but their avocation is key to what's being done to this little boy.  Keep in mind the saying that to a hammer, everything is a nail.  Back in the 1980s, we witnessed scores of lives being destroyed as monomaniacal, mentally ill therapists trained little children to believe that their pre-schools were satanic worship centers.

Georgulas, whether because she has serious issues of her own or because she wanted to be a "responsible," virtue-signaling mother, took her child to a "Gender Affirming Care Program" at Children's Health in Dallas.  This program is not in the business of recognizing that young children try on different identities and cycle through different interests.  Instead, it is dedicated to using therapy and radical hormone treatments to push the dangerous fantasy that people can "become" the opposite sex:

GENECIS provides comprehensive, gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse youth in a supportive and safe environment so they may live fulfilling lives within their families and communities.


We support youth of all gender expressions and identities, and provide evidence-based, gender-affirming care in a supportive and safe environment. Gender identity is unique for every child and may be different from the sex assigned to them at birth. Our care is individualized and developed through collaboration with patients and their families.

In this regard, it's important to understand that this is all bunk.  There is no evidence to support any reality behind gender dysphoria, any more than there is evidence to say that emaciated girls with anorexia are fat because they think they are.  Just recently, a major study had to be walked back because its claims about so-called "transgenderism" were unfounded.

As for Rebekka Ouer, the child's therapist, her whole practice is centered on affirming the so-called LGBT spectrum, as if the sexual desires of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals (a behavior) are the same as traumatized people's body dysmorphia (a denial of biological reality).  It's not unreasonable that someone like that would work with a little boy whose mother is determined to make him the daughter she never had.  (Understand that I am not accusing Ouer of malpractice or being evil.  Between the bias of her professional background and Georgulas's determination, Ouer never stood a chance.)

Where does this all end up?  With Younger being told to shut up and pay his ex-wife $5,000 a month to have his son "turned into" a girl:

Yesterday, a Dallas judge took away Jeffrey Younger's say in his son James' medical, psychological, and psychiatric care, giving that power to James' mother, who wants to "transition" him into a "girl."


Yesterday, Judge Mary Brown, who was appointed to the case in January, granted Georgulas' requests to force Mr. Younger to pay for counseling for James and Jude and attend family counseling. 


According to the "Save James" Facebook page, Judge Brown's order will also allow Georgulas to enroll James in school as "Luna."

In a sane society, one gently tries to counsel a confused person back into alignment with his biological sex and, perhaps, uses hormones consistent with that biological sex.  In an insane society, judges side with mothers who want to pretend a healthy little boy is, instead, a girl.  It's time to stop the madness and Make America Normal Again.

Image: Children boys play, by Insights Unspoken, Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0.

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