Real admiral, make-believe woman

On Tuesday, the news item that caused the corporate media to swoon was that President Biden's choice for assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Richard "Rachel" Levine, was sworn in as the first "openly transgender four-star admiral."  Others insist the new admiral is a "female." Regardless of the qualifications for the job, which is largely a ceremonial position, we're told that this is HISTORIC! because Mr. Levine is a pretend woman.  I say "Mr. Levine" not because I'm mean or obstinate, but because that's still a biological fact.  Levine was born a man; decided that he wanted to become a woman; and, in 2011, says he "transitioned" to a different gender, defying many of the known laws of human biological science.

When I read the news, I thought it must be some sort of a joke.  The obviously male Levine looked like a man pretending to be a woman, complete with long hair and lipstick.  RuPaul, in his full drag attire, looks more convincing as a woman.  Then I remembered who our president is and that the goals of his party are never about logic, qualifications, or science.  It's about promoting the perverse, delusional, and foolish.  In that case, they're winning.

Notice how Levine is being referred to as the first "openly transgender four-star admiral" as if hordes of male military officers were secretly wearing dresses and lipstick as they trembled in closets until this glorious moment when they could cross-dress and publicly pretend they're something that neither God nor nature created.  Yes, making Levine a four-star admiral will change history, but for the wrong reasons when future generations read of our descent into madness and intellectual bankruptcy.

Witness what Wikipedia, the online repository of liberal double-talk and semi-accurate bilge, had to say about him; "Levine has two children.  She transitioned in 2011.  Levine and her ex-wife, Martha Peaslee Levine, married in 1988, during Levine's last year of medical school, and divorced in 2013."  "Transitioned?"  "Levine and her ex-wife?"  Levine was still identifying as a man at the time he was married, so wouldn't it be "his" ex-wife, or are we to pretend that when he miraculously became a woman, all instances of his actual sex were erased?  It's enough to make one's head spin with the Möbius Loop logic that the lying and corrupt news media are forcing us to swallow.

If we don't play along, we'll be called bigots or transphobic because following biological science is now considered a crime against humanity.  In New York City, it's against the law to "misgender" someone (calling him a her, or vice versa) intentionally, and this dastardly crime is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000.  I think any right-thinking lawyer with even a passing understanding of the U.S. Constitution could successfully defeat that charge if our First Amendment is still observed.  More to the point, it's still medically and biologically correct to refer to transgenders by their birth genders because that doesn't change, no matter how much wishful thinking is employed.

Nevertheless, we're told that Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn and that Richard Levine became Rachel.  If we point out the absurdity of either of those assertions and flat-out falsehoods, it's a fine, public shaming, and probably a trip to a re-education camp in the near future.

The reality is that people believing they are transgender are profoundly mentally ill (and yes, transgenderism still qualifies as a verifiable mental illness despite the changing definitions rammed through by the American Psychiatric Association), and we're being forced to look past the obvious and play along because, otherwise, we'd hurt someone's delicate feelings.  It's pretend theater for the masses.

Even though I won't travel to NYC anytime soon, I'm sure that given the current rate of craziness, I'll be arrested someday for misgendering someone.  For now, I'll continue to call "Rachel" Richard Levine because I'm sane and I understand that biology doesn't change just because someone wishes it to do so.  Mr. Levine does not deserve a promotion to oversee any governmental agency that ostensibly promotes good mental health.  He's not a woman, and I believe he needs competent psychotherapy to rid him of the nonsense that he became a woman.

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