This is why they keep him away from the media...

A year ago, the Biden 2020 electoral strategy was to hide, blame it on the pandemic, and let Trump do all of the talking.  The strategy was made possible by an assist from a media hysterically obsessed with everything Trump.

The strategy worked.

It's the fall of 2021, and President Biden is not disappointing anyone who branded him the master of gaffes.  Check out the latest from #46:

During a rambling speech in Scranton on Wednesday, Joe Biden accidentally said he was Vice President for 36 years. Not 8 years, but 36 years.

He also said that his economic plan would cost nothing and vowed to take “millions” of cars off the road in the name of climate change.

Let's be fair. President Biden's comments about his plan costing nothing and removing cars off the road were political. He is not the first politician to say something absurd.

His comments about commuting for 36 years are not political. They are dangerously signs of a man who can't follow the text or just goes off on his own. He is obviously failing to hear what he is saying and does not have the ability to laugh and fix it.

Don't expect a lot of press conferences or anything more than a friendly conversation with a CNN host.  In the meantime, no one in the media is apologizing for letting Biden hide in the basement during the campaign,

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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