Leftist rule will not last forever

It is interesting to see the images of people beginning to stand up for liberty and freedom.  I listen intently to the stories of those who have been willing to sacrifice everything to preserve our way of life.  The rising is beginning to come from all corners, and the movement grows day by day, voice by voice, with each knee rising up and refusing to bow as a new generation of heroes take their place to answer the call to fight for our families, our liberties, and our country.

The plan was to separate Americans — separate them based on race, religion, politics, anything worthy of exploitation — but the plan never could have accounted for the effect that vaccine mandates would have.  Separation is indeed occurring, as planned — vaccinated and unvaccinated — but there emerges a deeper truth: the more something is concentrated down, the stronger and bolder it grows.  And the stronger that concentrate ultimately is, the greater will be its ability to affect the state of anything that comes into contact with it. 

Just as in the Book of Judges, the Lord whittled Gideon's thirty-two-thousand-man army down to only three hundred men in order to show Gideon that when the battle was won, it would be not by the strength of man, but by God's own power.  God wanted to reveal to a man and to a people the truth that God can change the course of a nation, and the smaller the number of men, the greater the glory to God upon the victory.  So it was at the dawn of America's founding that God used a small number of Americans, against all odds, to defeat the forces of the most powerful nation on Earth at that time.  There was no logical reason outside the providence of God that America should have been victorious.

Now, today, those who stand for personal freedom, autonomy, and liberty are small in number, having been sifted from all walks of life, strengthened and emboldened in their convictions and the righteousness of their cause as the forces of oppression surround them.  They have spoken out and refused to recite the liturgies demanded of them; they have lost their jobs and the professions they love rather than bend their knees to a false idea that demands that it alone be worshiped.

Indeed, the remnant is growing in strength and boldness; men and women rise from the most unlikely of places.  Many just wanted peace, most never asked for a fight, but they have seen that there is now no retreat, there is no middle ground, and there is no choice but to rise up and engage in the battle of our time, for their families, for their homes, for their liberties, and for their nation.  It truly is, as has been said recently, the "battle for the soul of our nation," open battle, in the physical and spiritual realms, and the fight is to prevent the perversion of our souls and the loss of our freedoms.

As each one rises, another is strengthened in the cause to abandon his fears and to rise and join.  From health care workers to pilots to police to union workers, the remnant is rising, and hope and strength have begun to fill the hearts of others to take their place in the awakening that is beginning, to stand firm in their moment in history, not to go down without a fight, and to make this "the last best hope of mankind," their final stand for freedom.  And when the victory is won, like in Gideon's day, it will be God alone to whom we attribute the victory.

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