The Biden doctrine: America's planned obsolescence

When Joe Biden ran for office, he did a good job of staying on message.  He would be the antidote to Trump's "abnormal" presidency (never mind that the only abnormal thing was the leftist establishment's furious and often illegal efforts to oust him).  Biden would be the calm, unifying leader.  This was a lie.  From his first day, Biden's goal has been to upend every American institution, every American value, and America itself.  After nine months, it's clear that the Biden doctrine is the planned obsolescence of America.

Although less common now, "planned obsolescence" was a popular expression when I was growing up.  It referred to the fact that corporations, rather than building things to last, built them to fail — that's the "planned obsolescence" — so that people would be forced to buy them over and over.

Trump's presidency was the antithesis of planned obsolescence.  He improved American institutions so they would benefit all Americans now and in the future.  It was right there in his campaign slogan: Make America Great Again.

From Day One, Trump created a roaring economy and a booming employment market, energy independence, a secure border, a strong military, a realignment of the lopsided relationship two decades of presidents had left us with China, stronger relationships with our allies, and the respect of our enemies — and that's just the short list.

Everything Biden has done has ripped apart those benefits, damaging the economy, our security, our social fabric, and the very idea of our nation itself.  From his first day's "executive orders," Biden's intentionally caused unbelievable damage.

Biden instantly destroyed our energy independence along with thousands of jobs and seeded the inflation that bedevils us now — inflation helped along by his government's manic spending.

Biden's destroyed countless lives through his manic insistence that American businesses must force their employees to get vaccinated, forcing people into unemployment and wrecking our hospitals and first responders.  It's ridiculous, considering that millions of Americans have natural immunity and that COVID has an extremely low mortality rate (that could be lower if doctors were allowed to treat patients before they become terminal).  These aren't real vaccines that prevent people from giving or getting COVID, nor can they eliminate COVID, which incubates in animals, unlike smallpox or polio.  The vaccines have significant and often deadly side effects.  And even as the administration is planning to foist vaccines on children, we have no idea about the vaccines' long-term effects.

Biden opened the border, flooding our nation with millions of unemployed, unvetted, often terribly sick people who have no knowledge of or respect for our institutions.  Most plan to get the welfare and health care Biden promised.  Nothing stops terrorists and serious criminals, including killers; rapists; pedophiles; and traffickers of women, children, and drugs.  America receives no benefit from opening our border to impoverished, illiterate people from over 120 countries.  To add insult to injury, while Americans are being destroyed over the vaccine mandate, illegal aliens need not be vaccinated.

Biden humiliated America with an unnecessarily disastrous pullout from Afghanistan that gave $85 billion in weapons to our enemy and unleashed the Taliban's medieval savagery on the Afghani people.  Worse, Biden abandoned Americans and their allies and paved the way for thirteen of our troops to die and scores to be horribly maimed.

Biden's working hard to weaken our military by abandoning its all-important, colorblind meritocracy in favor of Critical Race Theory and the resulting racial hostility.  He's also elevating the LGBT agenda to a matter of paramount importance, overshadowing the military's actual mission of defending America.

Biden's bought wholly into climate change, even though every prediction has failed, and the Earth's unfathomable complexity makes it impossible to predict the climate next year, let alone in the next decade.  He's using climate policies to destroy the American economy.  He's also ending the modern American lifestyle, one built on the mobility that comes with cars and the comfort and life-giving benefits of on-demand heating and cooling.

Biden's fixation on transgenderism is an Orwellian effort to force Americans to believe the unbelievable.  He's destroying women's gains by forcing institutions to take mentally disturbed men and boys and let them run riot in women's and girls' domains, whether it's sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, or the right to be called the "first" woman achieving some goal.

And as with Trump's successes, that's just the short list of Biden's list of horribles.  These are not accidental policies.  He intends to break Americans and destroy the aggregation of every good thing that America has developed over the course of her 238 years, often at a tremendous cost of blood and gold.  When Biden is done, America will be done, too.  Operation Planned Obsolescence will have succeeded.

Tucker Carlson gets it:

Image: Tattered American flag.  Internet meme.

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