It is too easy to spend other people’s money

As I write in early October 2021, the U.S. National Debt Clock exceeds an utterly sickening $28.8 trillion. That is the number 28 with 12twelvemore numbers behind it!

Let’s try a little exercise using some of the numbers from the debt clock, but let’s lop off eight zeros to make it a comprehensible numbera “household number.”  It also makes it easier because those eight numbers furthest to the right on the clock are increasing so rapidly as to make the number inaccurate in just a few minutes.

Use the link, try it at home with your family, too! Consider all this:

  • Annual income stated as U.S. Federal Tax Revenue ($3.8675 trillion). For our purposes, our annual income is $38,675.
  • Our annual spending, represented by official (not actual) U.S. Federal Spending is $6.8679 trillion; we will consider the number $68,679.
  • Our annual budget deficit is over $3.0004 trillion, or, for us, $30,004.

We can immediately see that we have a major issue here because we are spending almost double our annual income and increasing our debt by massive amounts every year.

It gets worse.

Because we have been on a perpetual, unbridled spending spree and appear committed to buying everything the “sales team” shows us, our total household debt for all years exceeds $288,370. The actual number is almost $29 trillion—$28,837,062,000,000.

Please closely examine that number. That is 28 trillion, 837 billion, 62 million dollars...and growing so quickly the numbers on the right side of the counter are a blur.

Now let’s review:

  • on a household income of $38,675, we spend almost twice what we earn, over-spending by over three-quarters (77.5%).
  • our debt just this year will exceed $30,000.
  • our total “household” debt is rapidly approaching $289,000.

With those facts in place, let’s try to answer some simple, honest questions:

  • What bank would give us another credit card, with a household income of less than $40,000 and an already existing debt approaching $289,000?
  • How many American families qualify for a mortgage of $289,000 on less than $40,000 in family income?
  • What if the “children” knew what Mom and Dad had done to their inheritance? As it is, it no longer exists, and our progeny will have only a cavernous, ruinous, hole from which neither we nor our children nor their children will ever be able to free themselves.

So, let me ask again (yes, I believe the repetition and redundancy in making the same points are absolutely necessary): With that profit-and-loss statement, with that balance sheet, with proof of income and the abysmal credit rating that assuredly accompanies the reality that has been presented, what bank would issue us a new credit card? And at what interest rate?

The current White House resident, Joe Biden, went to the microphones and read the teleprompter on Monday, to scold those wascally wepuplicans because they will not go along with his and his Democrat party’s request for more credit cards. Refusing to give him and his Democrat party big spenders more credit with which to further sink future generations would be “reckless and dangerous” he says. “We have to pay what we owe,” he says, and it is “not anything new.”

“Raising the debt limit is about paying off our old debts,” he says. Rriiiiigghhtt…

Just imagine for a moment what you might say to your teenage or even young adult children if they came to you with that load of manure. What would probably make me the angriest, and what would concern me the most, would be the complete lack of respect and utter faithlessness which they just demonstrated in me, that they thought I was that effing stupid to believe that...malodorous pile of...manure.

Well, that is apparently where we are. The White House’s installed teleprompter reader apparently believes we are that stupid. We need more credit cards to pay for the overwhelming pile of debt we acquired with our now-maxed-out credit cards.

If the feds confiscate everything that we earn next year and every penny of what our economy produces, it wouldn’t be enough to pay for the debt and wipe the slate clean. They will never be able to tax us enough to pay for all the...manure...under which they want to bury us.

Here are some ideas for the next 3,000-plus page bill they want everyone to approve but not read:

  • term limits.
  • a balanced budget or no pay for members of Congress.
  • (add your own list here.)

Gear up, and let’s get started. Generations yet unborn are depending on us to put an end to this insanity.

Jeff Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a self-employed small business owner.

Image: Joe Biden. YouTube screen grab.

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