Lucky us: Illegal alien militants plan more obnoxious protests

At a time when illegals are surging to the border in historic numbers, and public support for amnesty is collapsing, it would seem logical for illegal alien amnesty activists to just lie low.

But nope, they've decided that now's about the time to step up the obnoxious, disruptive protests, along with harassment of U.S. elected officials.  And if things go as they've always gone, it will once again be to their grief.

But it certainly explains why we're seeing what's going on here, as described by the New York Post:

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was followed into the bathroom by a group of immigration activists who confronted her in her classroom while she was teaching at Arizona State University.

Video shows the small group follow the senator through an ASU hallway and continue to berate her as she goes into a bathroom stall.

The activists were targeting Sinema for her stance on President Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion Build Back Better infrastructure bill, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for many illegal immigrants [sic].

The Arizona Democrat tells the activists that she has to leave, but they persist, following her into the ladies' room.

It's a great big "eew."

What a pervy invasion of privacy, following someone into a bathroom and filming her in a toilet stall.  That kind of stalking disgusts everyone.  The only people who do it are creeps.  Since it victimized a duly elected U.S. office-holder, it's more appalling still, as it endangers her -- any one of these crazy, angry fanatics in those close quarters also could have shivved her.

As AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg notes today, this kind of bathroom stalking is quite illegal under Arizona law.  I found no report as to how the affair ended, whether the creeps were escorted from the premises by Arizona State University police or nothing at all was done.  They should have been arrested, booked, and jailed before trial, with mug shots released to the public.  And assuming a conviction, they would then need to be placed on Arizona's permanent sex offenders registry in order to warn the public.  In an ideal world, they should be deported, but under Joe Biden, we know that it won't come to that.

But no, they're activists, and somehow they've gotten away with it, crowing about their "accomplishment" on Twitter.

It was far from their only stalking harassment of Sinema in recent days.  They also creeped her hotel:

It was strange stuff, given that they were harassing her on her opposition to Joe Biden's Bernie Sanders–crafted $3.5-trillion socialist pork stimulus bill, which neither she nor her constituents want.  In its original incarnation, the bill included amnesty for millions and millions of illegals, but the sneaky rider was struck out twice by the Senate parliamentarian as irrelevant to a budget reconciliation bill.  The illegals persisted, though, calling for the program Joe Biden is calling for, instead of actual amnesty, because the only way they can get amnesty now is to get all 50 Democrat U.S. senators to override the recommendation together and vote "yes" on the entire monster bill.  They know they can't get amnesty through a standalone vote.  Following Sinema into the bathroom and filming her at a toilet stall, though, is about the oddest way to persuade her that can possibly be done.  They did nothing for their cause with this act, which suggests a nastier agenda.

This is far from the only amnesty activist group that has been activated to conduct obnoxious, harassing protests.  There was also this bunch in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle:   

Just before 7 a.m., protesters exited their cars, carrying banners and calling on Congress to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants [sic]. Traffic piled up in the bridge's northbound lanes as demonstrators decried the Democrats' lack of action to pass meaningful immigration reform, stopping morning commuters for about an hour.

The coordinated action signaled that the immigrant [sic] rights movement is stepping up direct activism, organizers said.

"We are escalating our actions and our undocumented families are risking arrest and possibly deportation to send the message we can no longer wait," said Luis Angel Reyes Savalza, himself an undocumented immigrant [sic] and recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

From Wisconsin, there was another illegal alien protest over in Washington, D.C.  In this case, the press didn't report whether anything disgusting was done, but going to Washington from Wisconsin is a pretty involved operation.  It, too, seems to be part of this protest upsurge from illegals determined to make themselves offensive.

Many of these groups appear to be well-funded NGOs.  LUCHA Arizona has done many obnoxious acts and seems well organized.  Arizona State, meanwhile, is a hotbed for illegals, given that a judge's ruling that the state no longer had to provide in-state tuition for them prompted the university to set up, through its privately funded foundation, a special fund for DACA illegals to get educational free rides unavailable to other students.  That drew the illegals to the place like a magnet, so it's obvious that the fund is big.  It's also why there were enough militants to stage the toilet harassment.  The Arizona Foundation's website says its donors are shielded, but it's natural to wonder whether the foundation is pushing the DACA kids to do this.  Follow the money.

In San Francisco, the militants are these guys, who look well funded and professional:

The protest, organized by the Movement for Citizenship for All (Papeles Para Todos) and the Bay Area Coalition for Economic Justice and Citizenship for All, also centered on climate, economic and racial justice issues. From a truck bed flanked with banners, under the imposing orange towers of the bridge, speakers called on Congress to fund free college, paid family leave and an expansion of Medicare. They also called for a fairer economy.

In Milwaukee, it's Voces de la Frontera, called by The Nation magazine the "most valuable grassroots organization in the U.S."

It's unknown at this point who the Daddy Warbucks calling on these obnoxious protests might actually be.  We know that in the past, the Soros front groups organized and egged on huge numbers of illegal alien protests around 2007.  We also know that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is well committed to both DACA kids and putting cash into manipulating political outcomes, as he did in Election 2020.  One thing, though, is absolutely certain from this remark, cited in the San Francisco Chronicle:

According to the protest's organizers, the bridge shutdown was just the beginning of a renewed and more aggressive push for the immigration movement, one that will draw on the mass street protests and strikes of 2006, when millions left work and took to the streets demanding change.

It's that even with a record of bombing with voters, and seeing amnesties fail again and again, someone wants to browbeat the public into caving on amnesty, much as Antifa and Black Lives Matter did with their destructive protests for police defunding, and socialist giveaways in the summer of 2020.  They succeeded, given that Joe Biden was "elected" instead of someone with a firm hand.  Although Biden cheated his way to victory, he still drew many legitimate votes.  That's their strategy, and with Sinema, they're playing the Alinsky "pick a target" card.

In the past, this kind of tactic on immigration hasn't swayed the public.  What's more, Sinema and her fellow independent-thinking Democrat coeval, Joe Manchin, both have records of digging in, not caving, when pressures upon them are the worst.  The public is already growing negative on amnesty, given the recent border surges.  See herehere, and here.  Now the ugly protests are coming, and that can only drive sentiment down farther.  What we see here, then, is amnesty activists acting to cut their own throats and undermine their own cause.  That's fitting for any activist group gross enough to follow a senator into a bathroom and then film her.

Note: The New York post updated its article.  You can find the original here.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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