Illegal aliens harass and illegally film Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has this crazy idea that she is responsible to all of her constituents in Arizona, that a nation needs to have border integrity and security (and that's despite her being pro-immigration), and that fiscal insanity will destroy the country she represents.  Because of those beliefs, despite most of her social and political stances coming from the left, she's now a heretic to her leftists, and leftists, like all fanatics, despise heretics.  That explains why leftists followed her into the bathroom and filmed her there, conduct that is a profound privacy violation; very threatening; and, in Arizona, illegal.

I wrote here about how Sinema, despite rising politically through the left, has a strong grain of common sense running through her, something that's given her more spine than a lot of RINOs I can name.  (Too many Republicans in Congress are nothing more than the "moderate" branch of the Democrat party.)  Sinema's willingness to temper her politics with common sense is apparently making her anathema for the radicals in her own party.

And that's how we end up with a video of amnesty activists chasing Sinema into the bathroom at Arizona State University, where she was teaching a class:

And am I the only one wondering why someone who claims to have been in America since she was three sounds as if she were raised in Mexico until last year?  This is not a young woman who is assimilating to America, even if she's been here as long as she claims to have been.  In a sane world, having identified herself as someone here illegally, she'd immediately be deported to rejoin her grieving grandmother.  Moreover, if this woman wants to blame someone for her illegal status, she'd better look to her parents.

I looked up LUCHA Arizona, which proudly posted this video, and discovered that it's just another Marxist program with a Hispanic accent:

Living United for Change in Arizona is an organization led by changemakers fighting for social, racial,  and economic transformation. We are committed to human dignity, inclusion, equity, and collective growth. We work to reclaim our shared power alongside our families and community. 

Could they have more psychobabble to justify tearing down America's liberties and recreating our nation to look more like Latin American banana republics, the type from which they and their families fled?  These people are energized, determined, and truly stupid.

But back to Sinema...what just happened to her is extremely dangerous.  She was vulnerable in the bathroom, as vulnerable as a person can ever be.  There was no security.  Moreover, both LUCHA Arizona and at least one fellow Democrat politician said that what happened to Sinema served her right:

Nope, that's not how it's supposed to work in America.  We do not intimidate our elected representatives — or at least, we didn't until leftists decided that the American way of doing things simply isn't threatening enough to make politicians fold.

Moreover, as a lawyer, Sen. Quezada might want to study Arizona law, which makes videotaping someone in a bathroom, without first obtaining his consent, a Class 5 felony.  Moreover, distributing the video, which is what these inquisitors did, is another Class 5 felony violation.  And because Sinema is recognizable in the video, the Class 5 felonies are upgraded to Class 4 felonies.  All of these can result in sentences of between six months and 3.75 years.  Throw in threatening a sitting senator, and you've got up to five years in federal prison.

The question at the end of the day is whether Sinema, who seems, as I said, to have a good backbone, will find these tactics intimidating, or if she'll come out swinging, stronger than ever.

UPDATE: Senator Sinema has issued a statement about the event. Thankfully, she seems righteously angry, not like someone running scared:

Image: Illegal aliens harass Sen. Sinema in a restroom.  Twitter screen grab.

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